Netizens Are Angry After Former Spire Entertainment CEO Kang Makes A New Statement Strongly Denying Accusations Regarding Her Abuse Towards OMEGA X

Even with evidence, the CEO refuses to admit her wrongdoings!

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This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

Ahead of OMEGA X‘s first hearing against Spire Entertainment, a new interview with CEO Kang Seong Hee has angered netizens after she seems to refute all allegations against her.

OMEGA X in Los Angeles | @OmegaX_official/Twitter

Allegations of abuse from Spire Entertainment CEO of the OMEGA X members during their American tour led to evidence of mental, physical, and sexual assault in October.

Throughout the past few months, the issue has been at the center of Korean media. With the group set to attend a hearing later in the week after the first trial, many fans hope that it will soon give the members justice.

OMEGA X at the Seoul Bar Association’s Human Rights Room with legal representatives Seo Ju Yeon and No Jong Eon | News1

Yet, netizens have recently raised their anger again after an interview was released by the New York Times that they had with Spire CEO Kang Seong Hee.

In the article, the publication summarized all of the events that had taken place since the initial allegations were released. Along with a timeline, they explained that they had a telephone interview with Kang Seong Hee, who denied the allegations, adding, “I took care of all of them like their mother.”

One of the first videos that came to light was from SBS. It showed  Kang Seong Hee verbally abusing and then physically assaulting leader Jaehan, who appeared to be having a panic attack at the time.

When speaking to the New York Times, Kang Seong Hee disputed the claims and added that Jaehan had collapsed on his own. She even said that she hoped the band would resume its normal activities with the agency.

When the article was released, netizens couldn’t hide their disgust that, despite all the evidence and hurt that the members suffered, Kang Seong Hee still refused to acknowledge what she’s done wrong.

With Kang Seong Hee hoping for the group to return and news that she is continuing to train future idols, it also put creates a lack of legitimacy for her previous statement of “resignation.”

You can read more about the recent activities of the CEO below.

Spire Entertainment Plans To Debut New Group As CEO Kang Manages Trainees Despite OMEGA X Abuse Scandal

Source: NY Times

Spire Entertainment’s Abuse of OMEGA X

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