Netizens Are Apologetic After Finding Out The Truth Behind SEVENTEEN DK’s Recent Video Call Fansign Controversy

He was accused of texting during a fan sign.

SEVENTEEN‘s DK was recently accused of texting during a video call fan sign. The accusation consisted of a highly cropped video lasting just a few seconds. In the video, DK is seen looking down while reflected in his glasses were some hands texting on a screen.

Fans quickly debunked the accusation. It was pointed out that, firstly, the video was highly cropped, and the original accuser refused to upload the full video. Secondly, other clips from the same day showed that the same reflection was also present in his glasses when his hands were shown in the frame.

Lastly, fans pointed out that DK looks down as he has to sign the album simultaneously. In a clip from another fansign, the marker is visible in his hand as he moves it out of frame to sign the album. Despite this, he continues to listen to the fan’s words and looks up from time to time.

After the truth came to light, many felt bad about the entire situation. As the accusations became a huge hot topic online, DK was wrongfully accused. Netizens expressed their apologetic feelings.

Netizen reactions to the debunking. | theqoo
  • “Of course, why on earth would he be texting in that short span of time? It’s a pity he got cursed at.”
  • “Aigoo… Everyone had a rough time…”
  • “It’s a side issue but when this came up yesterday, I thought that it wasn’t even a recent video but a past one, so I thought that some people were trying to damage the image of the label’s artists as a way to shift the public’s opinion. It’s a relief this was stopped here.”
  • “So I see. I feel sorry for the misunderstanding.”
  • “I think, first and foremost, that fan’s misunderstanding needs to be solved…”
  • “During a fansign, one has to speak to the fan, sign the album, and even focus to try to understand what international fans are trying to say. How can he even send texts on top of that?”

Throughout the matter, his company has stayed silent, leaving fans to solve the matter on their own. Thankfully, the misunderstanding has been resolved and DK’s name cleared.

Source: theqoo