Netizens Baffled By The Obscene Amount Of Money “Sojang” Made From Malicious Videos

She made a living out of defaming celebrities.

The infamous YouTube channel Sojang has been in the public eye for a while, initially for its outrageous content defaming Korean celebrities and later for being sued by IVE’s Wonyoung.

Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/Instagram

The creator behind the channel, identified as a 35-year-old female named Park, was recently criminally indicted on charges of defamation and insult. In addition, she was ordered to pay Wonyoung ₩100 million KRW (about $73,400 USD) in damages.

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| theqoo

During the investigation, the prosecution went through Park’s channel and its content thoroughly. According to their estimates, when she was putting out those malicious videos before wiping out her channel, she had 60,000 subscribers. Her monthly income from those videos was around [kw] 10 million [/krw]. In total, Sojang brought in a total revenue of ₩250 million KRW (about $183,000 USD) within two years since June 2021. Reports also stated that Park had bought real estate with the profits from her YouTube revenue.

Netizens were left shocked by these reported numbers, wondering what the appeal of such a channel could be to the masses for it to garner so much revenue.

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| theqoo
  • “Whoa. Why do people even watch channels like that?”
  • “I hope all the rumor-spreading fake news YouTubers are made to pay huge civil damages and cough up more money than they earned.”
  • “Whoa. The profits are bigger than I thought.”
  • “That’s why she kept uploading more and more provocative thumbnails. It didn’t matter if she was being a douche, since the money kept coming in.”
  • “She earned a whole f*cking bunch.”
  • “She should be forced to pay it all back as compensation in civil court.”
Source: Theqoo and Yonhap
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