Netizens Think The Bullying Accusations Against GOT7’s Youngjae Are False Upon Finding The Accuser’s Deleted Post

“None of it adds up.” — Netizen

GOT7‘s Youngjae was recently accused of beating up a disabled student in high school, and shortly afterward, JYP Entertainment stated that although there was an altercation between the two, the rest of the claims made by the accuser are false and that they will continue to investigate the matter.

But upon the discovery of the accuser’s last and now-deleted post, netizens are led to believe that the accuser is not credible.

According to the online community, the accuser recently shared a photo of a JYP Entertainment business card and claimed that they visited the headquarters of JYP Entertainment and told the truth in a meeting room.

They also promised to investigate, gather evidence, and find out the truth and apologized for having insufficient evidence.

| JYP Entertainment

But the now-deleted post has netizens questioning why the accuser would post proof that they visited JYP Entertainment while failing to share proof that they are disabled and that they attended the same school as Youngjae at the same time.

If they have proof that they visited JYP, where’s the proof that they’re actually disabled and they went to the same school as Youngjae at the same time?

— Netizen

Some are also even questioning why the accuser would “investigate” and “find out the truth” when they were the one who made the claims in the first place.

Why do they have to find out the truth when they made the accusation in the first place?

— Netizen

None of it adds up.

— Netizen

What makes netizens even more suspicious is the fact that they ultimately deleted the post.

They probably deleted the post because they’re lying.

— Netizen

JYP Entertainment is still investigating the matter, but until then, netizens are unsure if the accusations have enough credibility to be taken so seriously by the agency, which could unfairly hurt Youngjae’s career if the accusations turn out to be false.

Source: The Qoo


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