Netizens Are Celebrating Lee Seung Gi’s Decision To Donate The Settlement Money From HOOK Entertainment — “Seunggi Oppa” Trends In Korea

“Seunggi oppa hwaiting!”

Earlier, Lee Seung Gi revealed in a personal letter that he would be donating the settlement amount he receives from his ongoing legal battle with HOOK Entertainment.

Lee Seung Gi | Theqoo

Fans were shocked as thus far, Lee Seung Gi has already received over ₩5.00 billion KRW (about $3.79 million USD) in reparations from HOOK Entertainment, and the star has hinted he believes he should receive more.

Lee Seung Gi Personally Responds To HOOK Entertainment’s Claims — Makes Stunning Declaration

Netizens couldn’t help but fall in love with the actor/singer all over again. Immediately after the news, “Seunggi Oppa” was trending on Korean Twitter.

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  • “Seunggi oppa”
  • “Donating full amount”
  • “Lee Seung Gi President”

Netizens praised the singer on Twitter, writing about how much they loved the superstar, and celebrated his decision.

Lee Seung Gi’s Instagram… I’m just crying here after reading it…

— @stroll_mini/Twitter

I’m going to listen to your music. You’re such a cool man.

— @anistaru_/Twitter

  • Seunggi oppa hwaiting…<3″
  • “That’s crazy. Seunggi oppa should have run for president.”

Netizens’ love for Lee Seung Gi didn’t stop at Twitter. Netizens celebrated the superstar in online communities, where many declared their support for the singer.

  • “In the morning, I read the article stating that HOOK had sent (Lee Seung Gi) money, and I was so frustrated. Thank you, Seunggi, for making a big decision. I’m rooting for you.”
  • “Lee Seung Gi seems like he is such a good person. Although I’ve always liked him.”
  • “Lee Seung Gi is not playing around. I’m really rooting for him.”
  • “He’s so amazing ㅠㅠ. I’m really supporting him.”
  • “Lee Seung Gi hwaiting! Remember, you’re absolutely not a ‘Minus Singer.'”
  • “I hope you make back more than the amount you donated. Hwaiting.”


Source: theqoo

Lee Seung Gi

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