Netizens claim that there is a conspiracy behind Lee Min Ho and Suzy’s relationship

After the initial shock regarding news of Lee Min Ho and miss A‘s Suzy dating, netizens began to speculate about the unusual timing of the news.

When news broke out about a romantic relationship between top Korean celebrities Lee Min Ho and Suzy, the internet went wild and buzz about the relationship dominated search engines and social media. The topic trended worldwide, and the news was so potent that it even affected JYP Entertainment‘s stocks.

But when the frenzy subsided, however, netizens began speculating and wondering about the timing of the news release. An interesting point that was brought up was that while Dispatch broke the news yesterday and supplied the internet with a series of photographic evidence proving the power couple’s relationship, their alleged date took place almost two weeks before.

The fact that the news was held for over ten days before being released as breaking news was very suspicious to many fans. Netizens then brought up that at the same time as news broke out regarding Suzy and Lee Min Ho, it was also revealed that former South Korean president Lee Myung Bak had been involved in a scandal and had allegedly embezzled over 280 million won ($253,090 USD).

Media bias and manipulation, as shown in SBS drama Pinocchio, can be a very powerful tool used to divert public attention from sensitive political issues such as corruption. Despite news of the new celebrity couple dominating news and social media worldwide, however, some netizens were able to voice their opinions on the issue of media bias through the internet.

Among popular internet portals, such as Pann and Sports Donga, netizens brought up the political corruption issue, generating thousands of comments in outrage of alleged media distortion. In fact, on an article about the Suzy and Lee Min Ho couple, the top comment “Lee Myung Bak: Profit” garnered over 5,000 likes, showing that there were definitely netizens aware of the issue and its odd timing.

Other similar comments about the Lee Myung Bak scandal and media distortion also became popular. Many left their honest opinions in regard to the issue, such as ” I knew there was something fishy about Suzy’s dating scandal coming up. Celebrities are seriously nothing but puppets to the government ㅋㅋㅋ.

Source: Pann and Sports Donga