Netizens Criticize “Married Top Actor” For Tarnishing Golf’s Image And Demand His Identity Be Revealed

“Golf’s image in Korea is tarnished because there are so many men like them.”

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Netizens reacted in disgust over the SBS News report that a top actor in his 40s was seen golfing with two women who allegedly work at an adult establishment in Japan.

Married Top Star Caught On A Luxurious Golf Trip With Escorts And An Entertainment Agency CEO

In the article released on November 22, SBS News alleged that on the morning of October 31, the actor, along with a CEO of a Korean entertainment agency, had golfed at a luxurious golf resort in Chiba, Japan.

SBS News alleged that the two were accompanied by two women who worked at a Korean adult establishment in the Akasaka district of Tokyo. The SBS article stated that the four golfed and ate dinner, which was all paid for by the Entertainment agency CEO, who is said to have used his company card.

Alley in Japan | SBS News

When reached out for comment, the actor’s representatives denied knowing that the women worked at an adult establishment.

He did not know that the women worked as escorts. They were said to be acquaintances of the CEO, and right before golfing was the first time he saw them. It is normal to eat together after golfing. So to say, he had dinner with them but did not even go to the bar.

— Representative of the Actor

The entertainment CEO also feigned innocence, stating that the women accompanied them simply because they were fluent in Japanese.

The woman acquaintance who was originally supposed to show up was sick, so she hurriedly introduced women that could golf and were fluent in Japanese. Although it occurred to me later on that the business-oriented meeting could be interpreted in an unsavory way, it was simply a matter that occurred because I could not speak the language fluently in a foreign environment.

— Top Actor

Netizens deplored the top actor and argued that the actor should be identified. Other netizens stated that it was only a matter of time before the actor’s identity was found out, while others deplored the act and blamed it for tarnishing golf’s image in Korea.

  • “Golf’s image in Korea is tarnished because there are so many men like them. They have a talent for turning a sport’s image into something trashy.”
  • “I’m not sure who it is, but seeing who wrote the article, the actor must really be a top actor.”
  • “I wonder who it is. People like them need to be exposed. They are so dirty.”
  • “(They) are making a fool out of themselves.”
  • “Park Seri cleaned up the sport’s image, but people like them are tarnishing it again.”
  • “These days, when they say top star, they mean top star, so I’m bracing myself. Just reveal them, f@ck!”
  • “Yuck.”

Golf has exploded in Korea, with many taking up the activity. This, however, has led to its fair share of horror stories involving prostitution, extra-marital affairs, and all-around debauchery.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: theqoo and SBS News
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