Netizens Defend Rapper Lee Young Ji From Malicious Hate Comments After Her Stage With IVE’s Yujin

“I don’t understand the Young Ji hate…”

Netizens have come to the defense of rapper Lee Young Ji amidst receiving hate comments for her recent collaboration performance.

Rapper Lee Young Ji | @youngji_02/Instagram

Over the past few years, Young Ji has gained attention for her personality and interactions with famous idols. One of the friendships Young Ji has been known for is with IVE‘s Yujin.

IVE’s Yujin | @_yujin_an/Instagram

The duo have had some hilarious interactions.


Recently, they also joined forces to perform a medley on MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon. During their collaboration stage, they performed “End Off Time” and “Born This Way” and won the hearts of fans worldwide.



Yet, when clips of the performance were shared online, Young Ji came under criticism from netizens who believed that Yujin should’ve performed with someone else and the rapper “ruined” the performance.

Yet, amidst the criticism, netizens have come to the rapper’s defense. While some explained how popular the bond between Young Ji and Yujin was, others explained that fans just seemed to enjoy “hating” on the rapper for reasons that they didn’t understand.

Yet, it seems as if fans weren’t just defending Young Ji; many were actively praising the duet and how perfectly the two idols work together.

For many, as Young Ji’s fame has increased and she has more interactions with idols, they have seen the hate towards the rapper increase. While many don’t understand the hate, netizens are always there to defend the rapper.

You can read more about the friendship between Young Ji and Yunjin below.

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