“She’s Not The First To Do This…” — Why Some Are Defending Min Hee Jin Amidst HYBE Power Struggle

These are all common methods in K-Pop.

This article is part of our coverage of HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. You can read more and view the entire timeline here.

It was previously reported that Min Hee Jin had been trying to take ADOR with her out of HYBE. In response to claims, HYBE has stated that they had begun an audit against Min Hee Jin. Following the statement, Korean news outlets have reported that the audit covers accusations such as key information leakage, inappropriate external consulting, artist personal information leakage, and personnel irregularities.

Damaging Reputation Of Other HYBE Artists And More — Detailed Allegations Against ADOR’s Min Hee Jin Revealed

Amidst the furor and outpouring of negative media regarding Min Hee Jin, a few have chosen to stand up for her. Although many are upset at her for her actions (such as leaking key information and manipulating public opinion against HYBE and HYBE artists), others claim that management in the K-Pop industry has always been doing this.

It is no secret that Korean media have ties to each giant in the industry. The “Big 4” companies all have their own line of reporters that they reach out to in times of need. Manipulation and media play can help influence stock options as well as public opinion. As such, HYBE is also no stranger to this, even in the case of their war with Min Hee Jin.


Fact: There is not a single entertainment company that does not try to manipulate the public opinion about other artists in a negative light.

— @skkkxxxn/X


This is SM Entertainment’s usual method… Right before SM Entertainment idols debut, all sorts of negative rumors come pouring, but the instant they debut, the public opinion towards them changes instantly. F*ck.

— @seomingming123/X


Using media, leaking information on purpose, and manipulating the public opinion… Do you all really believe that Min Hee Jin is the first and only one to have done this this in the industry? Y’all really that young and naive? To think that you actually feel frightened about her leaking information regarding the members makes me laugh. LOL.

— @suhwa_postpone/X


F*cking hilarious how young women are scared of Min Hee Jin’s management tactics. How did y’all manage to fangirl for years? Are you not scared of the management tactics of all those male CEOs? Just say you don’t like her.

— @suhwa_postpone/X

It is no surprise in the industry to find out that CEOs and upper management are the ones responsible for information leaks at times. Previously, leaked music, music videos, as well as pre-debut photos and rumors were all part of corporate tactics to create buzz for K-Pop groups. It seems like netizens believe there must be more to the story.

Min Hee Jin has yet to issue a statement.

HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

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