Netizens Express Some Concerns For Jessi After She Leaves PSY’s Company P Nation

Fans want the best for her!

Jessi recently decided to not renew her contract with PSY’s company, P Nation, and fans have been raising some concerns about why that may be.

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Based on the statement released by P Nation on July 6, it seems like Jessi’s contract was ended on amicable terms, as the company indicated that they were still fully supportive of the artist and her career.

As the first artist of P NATION and being with the company until now, Jessi has become an artist that has been loved even more by her fans due to her constant effort and passion. The way she conducts herself and her achievements have been a positive and enjoyable influence on all of the members of P NATION. We will continue to support Jessi’s future works as an artist and support her various activities.

— P Nation

Given Jessi’s good friendship with PSY, it is no surprise that her relationship with his company would remain positive.

PSY and Jessi | @42psy42/Instagram

Yet, despite the fact that Jessi’s departure from P Nation seems to have been a personal decision and not one rooted in conflict, some netizens believe that there may be more to the story. For one, some have pointed out that even after 3 years with the company, Jessi has yet to release a full-length album.

Fans feel that the company has simply not done enough for Jessi, either in terms of album releases or promoting her as an artist. Instead, some fans feel that Jessi had to do much of her promoting herself.

Additionally, some speculate that the relationship between her and PSY may not have been as good as it seemed on the outside…

…and that, in actuality, Jessi left for the sake of her mental health.

Yet, nothing has been confirmed as of now. Jessi has yet to make a full formal statement detailing the situation, but seeing as she has always been very honest about her thoughts, fans can count on her to be just as honest about her decision to leave P Nation and about her plans for the future. She recently updated fans and has expressed her desire to take some time and breathe a bit. So in the meantime, Jessi will hopefully be getting some much-deserved rest!

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