Jessi Releases Personal Statement After Leaving PSY’s P NATION

She hopes people will stop making assumptions.

Although solo artist Jessi made her comeback with Kang Daniel today for collaboration “Don’t Tell,” the news has been focused on her departure from PSY‘s label P NATION.

In a press release to Newsen, P NATION made an announcement regarding Jessi’s contract expiration. In it, the label revealed that she had chosen not to renew. Therefore they will be going their separate ways but will continue cheering each other on.

Hello, this is P NATION.

First of all, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone for their love and support for Jessi.

This notice is to inform you that our exclusive contract with Jessi has recently expired.

As the first artist of P NATION and being with the company until now, Jessi has become an artist that has been loved even more by her fans due to her constant effort and passion. The way she conducts herself and her achievements have been a positive and enjoyable influence on all of the members of P NATION.

We will continue to support Jessi’s future works as an artist and support her various activities.

Thank you to the fans who cherish Jessi and please continue to give her your support.


Jessi (left) and PSY (right). | @jessicah_o/Instagram

The news shocked many fans, considering Jessi was the first artist to join P NATION in January 2019 when PSY first launched the company.

Jessi | P NATION

Over the course of the past couple of years, her friendship with fellow labelmates HyunA and DAWN has grown. Additionally, she and her boss PSY frequently supported each other, even collaborating on various projects.

From left: HyunA, PSY, DAWN, and Jessi.

So needless to say, fans began speculating about what happened. Some even pointed out past remarks she made about joining Antenna.

Jessi’s Past Remarks About Moving Company Resurface After Leaving P NATION

Now, Jessi has addressed the speculations and “assumptions” netizens have made regarding the new chapter of her life via Instagram.

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

First, she asked them to respect her privacy; all would reveal itself in due time.

I understand people can make assumptions right now based on my current situation… but the truth shall reveal itself in a matter of time..

— Jessi

Jessi (left) and PSY (right) on “Showterview.” | KOCOWA TV

She stressed that she needs a break right now since she has worked nonstop since 2005. Still, she emphasized that she would not be retiring.

Respectfully… please give me some time to collect my thoughts and breathe a bit.. (I haven’t rested since 2005) but one thing for sure is that this GIRL is NOT retiring. I’m only getting started🙏

— Jessi

Jessi on “After School Club.” | ARIRANG

Lastly, she thanked fans for their support and love and let everyone know that there are no negative feelings towards P NATION.

Thank you Jebbies for your unconditional love and support.. And lastly love you Pnation for life❤️

— Jessi

PSY (left) and Jessi (right) | @42psy42/Instagram

So rest assured, there’s no tea to be steeped here! As P NATION emphasized in their statement, both parties will continue cheering each other on.

Read Jessi’s full statement below:

Source: @jessicah_o