Netizens Express Their Empathy For TWICE Over Their Recent Live Encore Stage Due To Past Hate Comments

They feel a more suitable song could have been chosen.

During their previous round of promotions, TWICE‘s live singing skills were called into question during an encore stage. Netizens left comments such as “We were fooled by the backing track” and “Were we even surprised“. The issue appears to still be on the girls’ minds as their expressions during their recent encore stage had the netizens worried. They were celebrating their first win for “I CAN’T STOP ME” but the girls appeared troubled.

Netizens noted that Mina looked nervous as she sang her lines, as well as the other girls who looked worried.

During Nayeon‘s part in the chorus, she stopped after the first line, skipping out on the high notes.

Finally, after the first chorus, Jihyo stepped up and got the girls to give their thoughts on the win one by one instead of singing. This is something unprecedented as groups usually give their thanks to fans in the first part of the encore stage and continue singing for the encore.

The pauses in their singing and nervous expressions did not go unnoticed by netizens. Thankfully, the hateful comments have subsided as many empathized with the girls, even claiming that the company should have chosen a more suitable song for their vocal ranges.

  • “It seems like they’re wary. I think it’s a pity but it’s true that if singers can’t sing live, they should be wary. Sana and Jihyo did it confidently while Nayeon sings her high notes only according to how her condition is. Previously as there were live audiences, it could be covered to some extent but now… Fans hope that when live audiences are allowed again, they’ll practice and be better…!!”
  • “If this is their level, it feels like they’re telling everyone but ONCEs to f*ck off. They should either lower the register of the notes or put in more effort.”
  • “Singers all have the style they can do well at with confidence but I think TWICE doesn’t match that well with Park Jinyoung‘s style… On the other hand, they’re really breathtaking when they work with Black Eyed Pilseung. I hope they try out something that will bring out TWICE’s plus points next time.”
  • “If there was a controversy during ‘MORE & MORE’ they should have given TWICE a song that they could do live. Just how bad at work are Park Jinyoung and JYP staff kkkkk It seems like they don’t think.”

Meanwhile, TWICE has been sweeping charts with their comeback for “I CAN’T STOP ME”. The live encore stage can be tuned in to below.