A Netizen’s Fan Theory About Netflix’s “The Glory” Is Going Viral — Claims Posters Contain Clues About The Drama’s Second Season

“This analysis… is genius.”

A netizen’s fan theory about Netflix‘s The Glory is going viral.

Poster for The Glory | Netflix

The drama featuring Song Hye Kyo has been nothing short of a sensation in Korea. The drama, which tells the story of a woman exacting revenge on those who repeatedly assaulted her in High School, has captivated audiences.


Fans of the drama, therefore, were heartbroken when they found out the first season of the series was just 8 episodes long, which is half of the usual 16-episode arc K-Drama fans have become accustomed to. Many netizens stated they couldn’t wait for the second season to be released in March of 2023.

One fan decided to be proactive during their wait and analyzed the show to come up with a fan theory that is quickly gaining credence online.

Netizens Are Raving About Song Hye Kyo’s New K-Drama “The Glory”

Recently, one fan’s theory is going viral. The netizen’s theory claims the show’s poster has a major hint on how the show will end.

When looking at The Glory posters, you can see the trumpet flowers are different in color for characters who are on the side of Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo’s character) and Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon’s character). Those on Dong Eun’s side have a white flower, which is known as the Devil’s Trumpet, while those on Yeon Jin’s side have a yellow flower, which is known as the Angel’s Trumpet.

— Netizen

Song Hye Kyo’s character poster has white flowers looking up |
Lim Ji Yeon’s poster has yellow flowers looking down |

The fan then stated that one character, in particular, had a peculiar flower in their character’s poster.

But what is noteworthy is that Yeon Jin’s husband Ha Do Young’s flower is white but is not looking up like the rest of Dong Eun’s allies and is instead looking down like the flowers of Yeon Jin’s allies. I looked up what this meant and learned that the Angel’s Trumpet grows while looking up while the Devil’s Trumpet grows while looking down.

— Netizen

Ha Dong Young’s (played by Jung Sung Il) poster has white flowers looking down |

The netizen then continued writing what Ha Do Young’s flowers might mean, considering his flower had traits that were found in both Dong Eun’s and Yeon Jin’s allies.

Ha Do Young’s flower is looking down, so I think it has a different meaning from Dong Eun’s flower. I think we can make two assumptions. First, it might mean that Ha Do Young was originally Yeon Jin’s ally but later comes to Dong Eun’s side, and second is that he is the only ally of Dong Eun whose life comes crashing down. But while writing this, I don’t think the second one applies because Ha Do Young is not looking up but, like Dong Eun’s allies, is looking down. Of those with white flowers, everyone besides Dong Eun is looking down, while everyone with yellow flowers is looking up. I think this means that Dong Eun’s allies are looking down at Yeon Jin and her allies, who are falling, so I don’t think Ha Do Young is going to fall.

— Netizen

The netizen didn’t stop there. Instead, they pointed out another detail — the vines of the flowers that seem to wrap around the necks of certain characters. The characters with vines around their necks are villains Park Yeon Jin, Jun Jae Jun, Lee Sara, Choi Hye Jung, and Son Myung Oh. The drama’s main protagonist Dong Eun also has vines around her neck.

The villains all have vines around their necks. I think it means that the character’s life is in danger. Of those with the Devil’s Trumpet flower, only Dong Eun has vines brushing against her neck, but it isn’t completely wrapped around like the villains. I think this means that on her quest for revenge, she also suffers tremendously.

— Netizen

Villains have vines around neck |
Dong Eun’s allies do not have vines around their neck |

Netizens praised the author for their analysis. Many netizens agreed that the posters are definitely hiding clues about the second season.

  • “Wow, I didn’t know all of this, but it’s so interesting!!!
  • “I want Dong Eun to be happy, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “This analysis… is genius.”
  • “When is March coming? ㅜㅜ. I am going crazy, ㅜㅜ.”
  • “Oh wow. Didn’t the landlord say something about trumpet flowers in the first episode?”
  • “Wow, that’s crazy. You’re a genius.”
  • “Please release the next episode.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the theory? Netflix’s The Glory returns with its second season in March of 2023.

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