“BY 9 Reboot?” — Netizens Push For Their Ideal Post-“Boys Planet” Group

Will the team make it out of the group chat?

After each season of a survival show, a “post-show” group often ends up debuting from the hype delivered by the show. These groups will include the popular picks that failed to make it to the debut line-up. Such groups are often temporary project groups made to test waters.

From the first season of Produce 101, we had C.I.V.A with Kim Sohee, Lee Soomin, and Yoon Chaekyung.

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There was also I.B.I with Hyein, Sohee, Chaekyung, Haeri, and Soohyun.

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Produce 101‘s second season had agencies pushing out the audition show participants as duos or trios before an official group debut.

There’s AB6IX‘s Donghyun and former member Im Youngmin, who debuted as MXM before AB6IX.

Of course, not all of these “post-show” groups make it out of the group chat. Fan-made ideal groups that did not debut include BY 9 (BY NINE), a popular combination for post-show debut after Produce X.

BY NINE. | @gitaapprilianti8/Twitter

It did not take off, despite much support from fans.

“PRODUCE X 101” Fans Gather 100 Million Won To Fund The Debut Of The 9 Disqualified Members

This time, in the aftermath of Boys Planet, fans are pushing for the debut of this combination. The suggestion has already gone viral on Twitter, with over 160,000 views just an hour after the finals ended.

They suggest 8 to 9 members and the tentative name B1anet.

Fans acknowledge that “the key factor to a post-show group is the agreement of the companies,” so they will prioritize the company that manages them.

The suggested line-up includes Lee Seunghwan, Park Hanbin, Lee Junghyun, Yoo Seungeon, Ma Jing Xiang, Moon Junghyun, Im Junseo, and an undecided member.

The average age of the members would be around 20.8 years old in Korea, with an average height of 180.4cm. The combination is well thought-out, with main vocals, dancers, rappers, visuals, and all-rounders.

Fans are excited over the possible reunion.

Everyone wants to see this happen!

Will it be another BY NINE type of situation?

We don’t know yet but we’re seated and ready for it!

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