Netizens Are Still Chuckling At Park Shin Hye’s “Ridiculous” Product Placement Scene From 2016

You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

In light of the subtle as well as not-so-subtle product placements that are included in popular Korean dramas for the sake of affording the production costs, a “ridiculous” product placement scene from the 2016 drama, Doctors has resurfaced online.

The particular scene showed Park Shin Hye‘s character, Yoo Hye Jung washing her hair after work, but netizens are still chuckling at how it didn’t make much sense.

In the scene, Yoo Hye Jung leaned over the tub and only washed the ends of her hair in a not-so-conventional way.

And when Moon Ji In‘s character, Chun Soon Hee noticed how she was washing her hair, she helped out but in much the same way.

They even used the hair essence that they were promoting along with the shampoo, but applied it even at the roots, which were not rinsed with water.

It is suspected by netizens that while they had to show promote the shampoo and essence, they didn’t want it to get in the way of Park Shin Hye’s appearance, so they went about it a different way.

Nevertheless, the scene showed a clear shot of the products, making for successful product placement.

But the awkward way Park Shin Hye had to wash her hair is still making netizens chuckle to this day.

Source: Insight