Netizens and GNG react to reports of Dohee’s decision to leave Tiny-G

Dohee‘s rumored leave from Tiny-G has continued to be a hot topic among fans and netizens alike, with the agency GNG Productions finally responding to the initial reports. 

Various entertainment personnel had confirmed her leave and disinterest in music following her successful stint in acting via the tvN drama Reply 1994.” One such personnel, who is known to be well-informed on events occuring in the industry revealed, “Ever since Dohee debuted as an actress, it seems that her mind has drifted from her career as a singer. She has lately been refusing to be a part of her team promotions and it seems that she does not seem to want to be a part of Tiny-G.”

Another individual confirmed the statement above, saying, “Everyone in the industry knows that Dohee only wants to act. From what I know, she is distancing herself from the Tiny-G members as well. Some people are even accusing her of becoming a different person.”

Another entertainment industry informant also stated, “If Dohee continues to be stubborn about her acting career, the possibilities are that the team will end up vaporizing. This is due to the fact that Dohee has such a big role in the group. From time to time, a member of a group gains fame as an actor and leaving the group. However, it came as a surprise to everyone that Dohee made such a decision only two and a half years after her debut. Her agency must be extremely disconcerted as well.”

Dohee’s decision leaves a bitter taste in the mouth due to the fact that it has only been 2.5 years since her debut with Tiny-G, and she is deciding to leave so abruptly after personal success with time left in her contract.

Following initial reports, GNG Productions released a statement to OSEN on the morning of February 10th saying, “It is true that Tiny-G is not active within Korea anymore, but it is a stretch to say they have officially disbanded. Members Mint and J-Min are currently active in Thailand, and Dohee plans to focus on her acting career for the time being. It is true that it was hard to keep the team going because there was no visible accomplishment within Korea. We stopped all activities within Korea, but two of the members wanted to promote in Thailand and they are still very much active. Dohee could not join them because of her drama and movie schedules within Korea. For the time being, the two members will be active in Thailand while Dohee focuses on her career in Korea. We were flustered by the report when the girls are working hard in the best way they can. We do not know when Tiny-G will start their activities in Korea, but it is more correct to say that they are currently on an indefinite hiatus.” 

Meanwhil, a majority of netizens have been showing sympathy towards Dohee. Some even expressed that the company seems to be on a “witch hunt for Dohee.”

1. [+10717, – 602] This article (initial report from Daily Sports)…is all based on rumors and zero facts…it’s as if the agency is starting a witch hunt on Dohee. After 1994, I saw Dohee make appearances on a bunch of variety shows and try to give the spotlight to her member…what was that…I think something happened between her and the agency..the company looks dishonorable.

2. [+8322, – 445] I understand Dohee’s point too though. She blew up with 1994 and kept promoting but it wasn’t working…there isn’t an option but to go her own way…

3. [+7568, – 242] Wouldn’t it be a better idea to move to an acting agency…honestly it might sound harsh but how much chance is there for that girl group to make it…?

Tiny-G made their debut in 2012 with the single “Polaris” has a four-member group, but did not achieve top ranks as singers. Dohee debuted as an actress, making a name for herself in October 2013 with Reply 1994, which was followed by music promotion activities as Tiny-G with “Ice Baby” seven months after the end of the drama.

Source: Daily Sports and OSEN

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