K-Netizens Slam ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong After Additional “Proof” Of His “Bad Attitude” Surfaces

The same fan shared additional “evidence.”

Recently, ZEROBASEONE‘s Kim Jiwoong was accused of cursing during a video call event with a fan.


On February 2, a fan posted a clip of their video call with Jiwoong, and when the video call “ends,” the idol allegedly can be heard saying shibal, or f*ck.

ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong Allegedly Caught Cursing After A Video Call With A Fan “Ends”

Based on the tweet’s caption, the original poster seems to have interpreted his response as “rude.”

International fans defended the idol, some alleging the word heard was not a swear and naming multiple reasons why he may have cursed.

Korean netizens have also chimed in on this incident.

In a forum post, the original “cursing” clip was first uploaded, along with a second video from the fan showing the video call’s start. After the phone cover is lifted, the fan greets Jiwoong, after which the idol sighs.

As soon as the call started, he sighed and showed hateful attitude. Why do fangirls have to pay a gazillion dollars to be treated like this? It’s not like I made him say weird sh*t. I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s 100% Kim Jiwoong’s fault. There is no “reason.” I’m sure I just caught him on a bad day, huh? This sucks…

— Fan

Netizens reacted harshly to these two clips, with many questioning why Jiwoong was an idol in the first place.  Others expressed sympathy to the fan due to the money they claimed to have spent on the event.

  • I was rooting for them until this happened… So, I guess this is how it ends. What a disappointment.
  • Isn’t he a rookie, though???
  • Why is he sighing when he’s being called good-looking…
  • He shouldn’t be an idol if he’s going to act like this.
  • It’s not like fans get to do these video calls by spending a few pennies… LMAO. If he starts the call with an attitude, it’s 100% his problem. Like, if you don’t want to hold fan meetings over video, then don’t be an idol.
  • People paid good money to talk to him on those video calls. He should not be sighing in their faces… LOL. And those of you asking what’s wrong with that? HE’S LITERALLY SUPPOSED TO BE DOING HIS JOB. He needs to be aware that everything he does matters and that he cannot be sighing—not even without realizing it. His entire career depends on how many copies of the albums his fans buy to be on these calls.
  • You all had a lot to say about the other case of rude customer service that trended on theqoo the other day. How come you’re all so forgiving about this one? The fan literally spent hundreds of KRW to “buy” this video call time. They’re a customer. Why is it that K-Pop thinks idols are godly and that fans need to kiss their a*ses? It’s hilarious that some of you are defending his behavior AFTER watching the clips. Stop being such pushovers for these idols.
  • I feel so bad for the fan… Like really bad. They probably spent a good fortune to be talking to him. It’s only in K-Pop that money-spending customers get treated like sh*t.
  • Wow…
  • Wait, WTF
  • Listen. If you want a break, take one forever. There are other trainees who are more desperate for your position.
  • He JUST debuted, so he hasn’t even had that many of these calls. Why is he sick of it already? It’s obvious that he’s not interested… even if he’s pretending. IMO, he definitely said ssibal, but who knows? I just feel bad for the fans. They must’ve spent a lot of money on the video call. So… This must be such a rude awakening.

Shortly after the call spread, WAKEONE issued a statement regarding breaches of privacy, which you can read about below.

WAKEONE Issues Official Statement Regarding Various Crimes Against ZEROBASEONE