Korean Netizens Forget That Lovelyz’s Mijoo Is A Singer — And Gets Completely Blown Away By Her Vocals

She may be the group’s main dancer, but her vocals are still top tier.

Lovelyz member Mijoo has been killing it in her variety show abilities, as she features as as a fixed cast member in numerous different shows. And while her wild personality and natural comedic antics have made her one of the most highly coveted variety idols, Mijoo has recently shocked Korean netizens with another one of her abilities.

Lovelyz’s Mijoo.

On the most recent episode of Hangout with Yoo, Mijoo along with the rest of the cast members featured in a cover song of Free Style‘s “Y (Please Tell Me Why.)” To add onto the overall mood, everyone dressed in retro outfits to deliver a comedic rendition of the song.

But it wasn’t long before Mijoo’s vocals stunned netizens, as she showed the world her idol-worthy abilities as soon as she opened her mouth.

Shortly after hearing Mijoo’s sweet vocals, netizens rushed over to their online communities to shower the Lovelyz member with their praises. Many could not believe their ears, as they also commented on their ongoing shock.

| theqoo
  • “Wow, Mijoo’s vocals are f*cking amazing…she’s really f*cking good.”
  • “Lovelyz has so many talented vocalists.”
  • “Wow, I thought she was in charge of visuals and variety shows, but her voice is so good.”
  • “Omg, I have never heard Mijoo sing before. She’s so so good. Will she ever get a solo?”
  • “Her voice is so pretty.”
  • “I love you Mijoo..”
  • “Her voice is this pretty, but we’ve been teasing her all this time?”
  • “Her vocals are so f*cking pretty…crazy.”

She deserves all the praise! We truly hope that Mijoo will get even more opportunities to showcase her incredible vocals in the future.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Lovelyz member’s and the rest of Hangout with Yoo crew’s cover of “Y (Please Tell Me Why)” down below!

Source: WikiTree and theqoo