Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To YG Entertainment’s Latest Company Update

“I can’t take anything this guy says seriously.”

YG Entertainment recently released a “surprise announcement” video regarding their newest girl group, BABYMONSTER, but another company update from the video has caught netizens’ attention.

Yang Hyun Suk | YG ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube

Company founder and executive producer Yang Hyun Suk addressed BABYMONSTER fans, who have been eager for updates regarding member Ahyeon after the company surprised netizens by announcing in 2023 that she would be joining the group at a later date due to health issues.

The group officially made their debut with six members on November 27, 2023, releasing the song “Batter Up.”

BABYMONSTER | YG Entertainment

Yang Hyun Suk excited fans by revealing in the video that Ahyeon has fully recovered, confirming BABYMONSTER will be continuing activities as a full seven-member group, starting with their “Stuck In The Middle” release on February 1.


In the video, Yang Hyun Suk also addressed additional concerns, including long-term plans for the group after their first mini-album is released on April 1.

Yang Hyun Suk revealed that YG Entertainment has “significantly reinforced” the company’s in-house producers.

He shared that they went from 10 producers to “around 40 to 50” in order to make the album-making process “much faster and quicker than before.

For BABYMONSTER specifically, he revealed that they have plans for the group to release their first full album in autumn.


Netizens reacted to news of YG Entertainment expanding their production team with mixed reactions.

Fans of multiple YG artists hope it will lead to more frequent releases and an increased production quality.

Others expressed their doubts and the intentions of controversial figure, Yang Hyun Suk, whose involvement with BABYMONSTER has led to backlash among netizens.

Many stated they would not believe Yang Hyun Suk’s statement until they see the company’s plan in action.

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