Koreans Get Heated Over Former YG Entertainment CEO’s Appearance In BABYMONSTER’s Teaser

The teaser featured Yang Hyun Suk as YG Entertainment and BABYMONSTER’s “Executive Producer.”

Right in time for the dawn of 2023, YG Entertainment announced that the long-anticipated girl group BABYMONSTER will debut soon.

BABYMONSTER Teaser | @ygent_official/Twitter

The teaser, featuring high praise from YG Entertainment’s biggest sunbae artists, captured glimpses of the members making up this “monster rookie” idol.

While thrilled about the news, however, Koreans also shared concern and criticism toward a familiar face introducing the members: Former CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

Back in 2019, Yang got himself involved in multiple legal investigations for gambling, prostituting, evading taxes, and threatening Han Seo Hee. Combined with the “Burning Sun Scandal” that shook the nation, Yang stepped down from his position of YG Entertainment’s CEO.

Between 2021 to 2022, though, Yang had all of his cases closed with him being found not guilty. Now free of charges, Yang has returned to YG Entertainment as its executive producer.

Yang Hyun Suk outside the court on December 22, 2022 after being found not guilty. | OSEN

Regardless, Koreans believe Yang’s previous controversies—and the troubling nature of these controversies—make him especially inappropriate to be working with the new girl group members. Online K-Pop communities like theqoo got heated over Yang’s appearance in the teaser.

| theqoo
  • “Of course, he’s going to do this in time for a girl group debut…”
  • “He must think he has been forgiven since YG Entertainment artists have been doing well off.”
  • “He only cares about himself.”
  • “WTF? Why is he in this?”
  • “Is this acceptable? I’m already turned off to the group because of this teaser.”
  • “He doesn’t give a single f*ck about what the public thinks because the public still listens to BLACKPINK and AKMU and even BIGBANG.”
  • “His voice gave me goosebumps.”
  • “Has he not figured that having his face shown in the teaser is a net negative…?”
  • “The audacity, though. He’s the reason I can’t listen to BLACKPINK songs anymore.”
  • “Ugh, disgusting.”
  • “He’s doing more harm than good. But he doesn’t see that, does he? He must think K-Pop fans are idiots, to be showing his face like this.”
  • “This is what we get for continuing to support YG Entertainment.”
  • “WTH? Who approved this?”
  • “Ugh, BUT WHY? I’m going to have to pass on this one. He’s still very much a part of YG Entertainment.”

Some argued that having Yang be present in the teaser is a net negative and he “does more harm than good” for BABYMONSTER. Others insisted that, despite the court rulings sentencing him innocent, reinstating Yang is borderline criminal and “so typical of YG Entertainment.” Overall, in the thousands of comments collected in a few hours since the teaser’s reveal, Koreans showed excitement for the group but disappointment in the “cringe” teaser promoting them.

| theqoo
  • “He’s not in his right mind. He should be hiding, if he really wants the best for his idols.”
  • “Something about this entire teaser feels cringe. Doesn’t it…?”
  • “Hmph. I wish the teaser showed more of the BABYMONSTER members instead of Yang Hyun Suk’s face.”
  • “Huh?! Even if he’s the executive producer, shouldn’t he not be in this teaser? If he wants to promote BABYMONSTER, that is? LMAO.”
  • “The group name, haha! It reminds me of J-Pop.”
  • “What is wrong with him? He must miss the attention… But he should not be sh*tting on his rookies like this.”
  • “The whole teaser, with him and his artists commenting on the new group, feels… f*cking outdated.”
  • “No, but really. Having Yang Hyun Suk be the promotional face for this group? YG Entertainment has lost its touch.”
  • “I can’t believe he’s the one introducing the new group. I’m f*cking done here. YG Entertainment does NOT know how to read the room, huh? And he has no shame!”
  • “Stop getting in the way, dumb f*ck!”

Watch the teaser here.

Source: theqoo (1) and (2)


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