YG Entertainment Releases First Teaser For Their New Seven Member Girl Group

Who will be in the group?

YG Entertainment has released the first teaser for their new girl group, which will have seven members.

In the teaser, YG Entertainment titled it as their “Next Movement” and will be sharing more details about the group on January 1, midnight KST. The teaser shows seven silhouettes, teasing that the girl group will have seven members. This supports a previous netizen theory that the group would have seven members. Various media outlets have also confirmed it will be a girl group.

Previously, back in May 2021 YG Entertainment shared that they were indeed preparing to debut another girl group. Based on netizens’ discoveries and sleuthing, there have been theories about which trainees and the concepts that the girl group will display. Netizens have also tried to guess which trainees may be included in the new girl group lineup.

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