New Images And Videos Spark Debut Theories About YG Entertainment’s Upcoming Girl Group BABYMONSTER

From the members to the songwriters, more information has been shared!

Although the world of K-Pop seems to be full of amazing idol groups, it doesn’t stop companies from exciting netizens with the idea of new talent debuting. One particular company that has recently gained attention for a possible debuting girl group is YG Entertainment.

Throughout the years, the company has showcased diversity with groups like BIGBANG, WINNER, iKON, BLACKPINK, TREASURE, AKMU, and many more soloists.

The members of BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment
K-Pop sibling duo AKMU | YG Entertainment
The members of TREASURE | YG Entertainment

Over the past few years, netizens have had snippets of information about the new girl group named BABYMONSTER, which was previously a possible name for BLACKPINK.

In HotdogTV‘s latest YouTube video, Noh Hee Young, the CEO of YG Foods, spoke about the highly-anticipated group. According to Noh Hee Young, BABYMONSTER is so talented that she claimed, “They’re no joke,” even comparing them to ten Jennies.

Right now, there’s a new group after BLACKPINK called BABYMONSTER that’s coming. They’re no joke, they’re like 10 Jennies.

— Noh Hee Young

Well, it seems like more light has been shone on the progress of the group. Earlier in the year, netizens saw clips of female trainees entering the YG building, and since then, several images have been shared of the same trainees leaving and entering the premises.

| @babymonsters.officiall/Instagram
| @babymonsters.officiall/Instagram

Well, new images and clips have been shared showcasing that the debut might be closer than thought.

At the end of September, international songwriters were seen at YG Entertainment for what seemed to be a songwriting camp. Many shared their experiences on social media, with BLVSH even sharing a video of the studio.

Later on, videos from other songwriters had netizens intrigued when they started speaking about writing for a girl group. The writers explained they were writing for a YG girl group. Although they didn’t reveal who…

| @baesmascara/Twitter

In another video, one of the writers could be heard mentioning the name BABYMONSTER. For many, they believe it could be pointing out that the group is preparing for a debut sooner rather than later.

| @baesmascara/Twitter

If that wasn’t enough, an image reportedly shared from the YG training room might have revealed more about the group itself.

In a photo of a whiteboard, there was the initial “BM” and also seven drawings with initials on them. The first thought was that it represents the initials of all the members and the number of members. While many previously thought there could be ten members, it seems as if it is more likely to be seven.

The second thing noticed was the message from Yang Hyun Suk, chairman of YG Entertainment and former Seo Taiji and Boys member. In the quite blunt message, he wrote, “Do you want to go home after six years of training?” 

Yet, what was interesting was under the message was what seemed like a rubbed-out version of BIGBANG G-Dragon‘s signature. Many thought it could be the idol quoting Yang Hyun Suk, and others hoped that it meant the BIGBANG member could be working with the group.

It wouldn’t be too surprising as an image was shared of G-Dragon entering YG with someone who seemed to be a female trainee.

Like many companies have, many even have assumptions that some of the members could’ve been the females seen in TREASURE’s recent comeback. Although it isn’t confirmed, it isn’t unlikely as it has happened in the past, with even members of TREASURE cameoing in AKMU’s videos.

While many expect the group won’t debut until next year, as most YG groups tend to debut around August and September, their debut will be hotly anticipated.

You can read more about the group below.

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