Netizens Have Divided Opinions About Oh My Girl Seunghee’s New Burger Commercial

“The chicken sounds are so weird.” — Netizen

Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee recently filmed a new commercial for McDonald’s, but netizens have divided opinions on it.

| KoreaMcDonalds/YouTube

The new commercial shows Seunghee looking absolutely adorable.

| KoreaMcDonalds/YouTube

She also shows off a variety of facial expressions proving that she’s the definition of charisma.

| KoreaMcDonalds/YouTube

Not only does the commercial highlight Seunghee’s enthusiastic facial expressions, but they also added chicken noises to go with her exclamations.


And this caused netizens to show split opinions regarding the new commercial.

| KoreaMcDonalds/YouTube

Some netizens are expressing their love for Seunghee’s adorable charms with comments such as “She’s the perfect model for this commercial“, “She’s so cute“, and “I love those chicken noises that go with her expressions“.

On the other hand, other netizens are calling the commercial a little excessive with comments such as “I like Seunghee, but this commercial makes me a little uncomfortable“, “The chicken sounds are so weird“, and “It looks a little exaggerated“.

What are your thoughts?

Source: Insight
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