Netizens Outraged By These Photos Of Actress Yoon Sae Ah Looking Visibly Uncomfortable

Past photos of actress Yoon Se Ah looking incredibly uncomfortable next to Jo Min Ki resurfaced, and netizens are angry at his sly advances

An old photo of actress Yoon Sae Ah looking uncomfortable at a press event resurfaced and received quite an outcry. The photos were posted online under the title “It’s disgusting“.

Netizens claim she looks startled and uncomfortable with her co-star’s intimacy.


One of the main reasons for the negative reaction was Jo Min Ki’s touchy-feely approach in their poses. The actor is currently under investigation for sexually harassing his female students.

Yoon Sae Ah can be seen posing away from her co-star.


The photos were from the press event of their 2009 SBS drama My Wife’s Back where they played husband and wife.


Yoon Sae Ah might be posing for the cameras but netizens believe that she looked quite uncomfortable doing so. Meanwhile, her co-star merely smiled and looked on while holding her intimately.


Such evidence was enough to create more outrage about Jo Min Ki’s numerous cases of sexually harassing his students at Cheongju University. He has admitted to the claims and is currently being investigated.


Source: Asiae and Nate Pann

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