Netizens Petition For The Abolishment Of JTBC As A Broadcasting Station Amidst Its “Snowdrop” Controversy

“Such broadcasting stations should not be qualified to operate and should be shut down.

The historical distortion controversy that JTBC‘s Snowdrop continues to face has been magnified with the most recent reports.

Poster for “Snowdrop” | JTBC

In the most recent news regarding the series, it’s been reported that netizens have banded together to not only petition for the cancellation of Snowdrop, but they have started to petition for the removal of the entire JTBC broadcasting station.

On December 23, an official Blue House petition asking for the abolition of JTBC began making headlines. The petitioner dove into the very reason why they believed that the Korean broadcasting station should be removed from the nation, stating that Snowdrop “has been controversial from the planning phase for the distortion of history and for invalidating the democratization movement.”

Blue House petition asking for JTBC’s abolishment.

They continued their complaints in the petition, by detailing JTBC’s lack of acceptance of the issue, as the broadcasting station “failed to properly refute the controversy, while repeating their same stance on the situation.” They also mentioned the recent decision by JTBC to release episodes 3-5 early to “prevent misunderstandings”—which the petitioner believed was the wrong move.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo (left) and Jung Hae In (right) | JTBC

In the Blue House petition, they also made sure to detail the exact reasons why Snowdrop became such a problematic production: the glorification of the NSA and the distortion of the democratization movement.

The drama glorifies the Ministry of National Security Agency (NSA or An-Gi-Bu), which became an institution of dictatorship. However, in the series, they portray the institution as a place where just people worked, which distorts the history that South Korean people worked for in the democratization movement.

It’s impossible to not laugh at the ridiculous scene where the staff of the NSA returns back to their headquarters quietly after the superintendent of the women’s university dormitory opposed their arrival after they failed to present a warrant.

The NSA was a vicious institution that manipulated espionage cases while failing to give minimum human rights to people. Do you know how many people were tortured and killed in the so-called ‘Namsan?’

— Blue House Petitioner

Still from “Snowdrop” | JTBC

They didn’t stop there. The petitioner made sure to include the real details of the democratic movement, which they believed was “beautified” by the JTBC production team.

South Korea is now following the Republic system that was established through the June 29 Declaration and Constitutional Amendment in 1987. This was accomplished by the people of South Korea themselves, not through the participation of North Korean operatives.

Saying that this Republic system and the Democratic system was created by North Korean spies who intervened, that’s distortion. In addition to that, you beautified the institutions that were created by the government by stating that they came to power through civil and military rebellion. You are denying the 1987 Constitutional System and defending the forces that came to power illegally.

— Blue House Petitioner

Still from “Snowdrop” | JTBC

In this next chunk of the petition, the original poster called out JTBC and its origins—which they claimed was previously shut down by “military dictatorship” while concluding that “such broadcasting stations […] should be shut down.”

When the broadcasting channel was launched back in 2011, they rebranded themselves as JTBC. The channel was a restoration of the former Tongyang (Oriental) Broadcasting System (TBC), which was shut down by the military dictatorship.

But now, you’re airing a drama that glorifies the servants of dictatorship that came to power by causing a civil war.

Such broadcasting stations should not be qualified to operate in South Korea and should be shut down.

— Blue House Petitioner

The petition made its way into different online communities, where Korean netizens unanimously agreed that the shutdown of JTBC was the best answer to the situation, as thousands of netizens shared their support for the petition.

| theqoo
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  • “There are so many substitute channels. We don’t need them.”
Still from “Snowdrop” | JTBC

As Snowdrop continues to remain in the center of mass criticisms, JTBC has been attempting to diffuse the fiery situation. They recently came out with an official denial, stating the “misunderstandings” about the historical distortion will be “resolved through the drama’s future episodes.” Following their statement, JTBC revealed their plans to release episodes 3-5 early in an effort to appease the public’s ongoing outcry.

Source: theqoo and Blue House Petition