Netizens Praise aespa Karina’s Flawless And Too-Cute Visuals In New Predebut Photos

K-netz also can’t help praising her personality from back then!

Aespa‘s Karina will always be famous for her flawless visuals and undeniable stage presence, especially since she’s been known to be a true beauty since way before her debut.

Karina | @aespa_official/Twitter

Karina seemingly does not have to do much to go viral for her visuals. As a matter of fact, many fans are still recovering from the looks she served in aespa’s latest trip to the US.

More recently, Korean netizens have been gushing over newly surfaced predebut pictures of her—and it’s easy to see why. While she looks unreal as an idol, as a student she already had stunning natural visuals. Fans appreciated her simple but gorgeous look…

| pannchoa

…while also being blessed with some of the cutest pictures of Karina yet.

And, of course, there is yet more evidence that her side profile has always been perfect! (Not that it’s needed any more…)

Her head shape, nose and forehead are seriously… she’s born with them all.

— Netizen

Fans couldn’t help being amazed at how she’s always been gorgeous, praising her innocence and cuteness in her school pictures.

Her face has veen f*cking pretty ever since before….

— Netizen

She’s pretty in a simple way. She’s straight up what teachers would call a “pretty student”. This pic is so innocent.

— Netizen

In addition to her charming physical traits, netizens have also been complimenting Karina’s personality. MYs are proud of her for having always been a warm and kind person…

The replies Karina wrote to her friends in her Ask account back then really shows how genuine she is. She’s such a warm and good person.

— Netizen

…with some claiming that everyone always knows that one girl who was both wonderfully nice and pretty, and that Karina is that girl.

If you look at your past pictures, there’s always one girl at your school who was innocent+had good proportions+was kind and she looks like that girlㅋㅋㅋ

— Netizen

Karina has many good qualities, and it’s nice to see them reflected in her old predebut pictures, along with her perfect visuals!

Source: pannchoa