Netizens Praise ENHYPEN Sunghoon’s “Sassy” Response To An “Inappropriate” Fan

He shut it down so fast!

Recently, ENHYPEN member Sunghoon received quite the attention from netizens after his interaction with a fan resurfaced online.

Sunghoon | @enhypen/Instagram

The interaction took place in December last year on the popular fan communication platform, Weverse. Like many other idols, Sunghoon often shares the music he likes with ENGENEs (ENHYPEN fanbase) through social media. In December, he shared a screenshot of him listening to “Mad” by Ne-Yo, with a caption saying that he loved the lyrics.

The 2008 R&B track is a well-known and well-loved song of Ne-Yo’s iconic discography. Both the music video and the lyrics present a narrative where the singer and his girlfriend are fighting. But the song ends with the singer wanting to make things up before they go to bed.

ENGENEs were mostly excited to see Sunghoon share such an iconic song and praised his taste. But one fan, in particular, uploaded a lengthy post on Weverse in response, asking if he even understood the meaning. They followed it up by asking if the idol was in a relationship, adding that the lyrics could “worry many fans,” so Sunghoon should explain himself.

The artist responded to this post by simply saying that he liked the lyrics because it was sad. But fans noticed that he started the response with a stray question mark, which many took as a sign of him expressing how ridiculous he found such an unwarranted response to a simple song recommendation.

This incident was intensely criticized by ENGENEs as they called out the OP (original poster) for their “inappropriate” behavior toward the idol.

However, a few weeks after the debacle, it has resurfaced on Twitter, leaving netizens in splits with Sunghoon’s sassy reply. Many even hoped that other idols would follow suit in handling such fans.

More power to you, Sunghoon!