Netizens Praise Actor Kim Seon Ho After He Risks Missing His Flight To Give The Ultimate Fan Service

The actor made sure fans had a special night!

Actor Kim Seon Ho held his first-ever fan meeting in Seoul on December 10, 2022, kicking off his One, Two, Three. Smile Asia tour.

Kim Seon Ho | @seonho__kim/Instagram

The talented actor began his career as a stage actor before making his way to the small screen. He made his drama debut in 2017 with a supporting role in the drama Strongest Deliveryman, but it was his breakout role in the hit drama Start Up in 2020 and leading role in the coastal romance drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha that helped him gain recognition and fame worldwide.

Off-screen, the actor is known for his approachable, humble, and kind personality, which he has shown through sweet moments with fans on his first fan meeting tour.

| @seonho__kim/Instagram

Fans warmly welcomed the talented actor, showering him with love after a tough year.

The fan meeting tour has not been short of emotional moments, from surprising the actor with special fan projects to a Filipina fan iconically showing up in a wedding dress, it’s a tour fans and Kim Seon Ho will never forget.

Kim Seon Ho showed exactly why he receives so much support and love from fans through his selfless actions at his recent fan meeting.

Fans began to circulate videos from Kim Seon Ho’s “goodbye session” in Manila, where fans were able to greet the actor, much like a hi-touch event. The video showed his staff, and at times the actor, appearing worried before Kim Seon Ho quickly looked to his fans with sincere appreciation.

| @seonkissedboy/Twitter 

According to fans, Kim Seon Ho’s staff reportedly attempted to rush the actor along due to needing to catch a flight.

The actor can be seen motioning to the staff to let him finish the event before turning back to fans to give them his full attention.

Not only did he finish the event, but when staff began to rush fans through, Kim Seon Ho had the partition removed so he could make the event even more special for them despite the unavoidable circumstance of needing to catch his flight.

The moment immediately resulted in cheers from fans, who began chanting his name.

After the event, fans who were present and those who lived the moment vicariously through social media couldn’t help but praise Kim Seon Ho for his incredible fan service.

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