Netizens React To aespa’s Sexy AF Outfits At Their WATERBOMB Festival Debut

Netizens were disappointed with one member’s outfit as they believed she deserved more!

Aespa made their debut at the iconic WATERBOMB Festival, and netizens have been reacting to their sexy AF outfits… but not everyone was happy!

On June 25, aespa made their debut at the iconic WATERBOMB Festival. As expected, there was a mix of emotions, with some excited but also worried about the health of the members.

Luckily, after some advice from rapper Lee Young Ji, aespa came out and genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves safely when videos were posted by fans who were lucky enough to attend the event.

Of course, one of the biggest parts of the festival is the outfits worn by the idols. Each member had distinctively different outfits for the occasion.

NingNing looked stunning in a pair of blue denim shorts and a stunning green and blue top with the back exposed in different places. Netizens couldn’t hide their relief when the idol was also spotted wearing goggles to protect her eyes for most of the performance.

Aespa’s NingNing | @cerise1023/Twitter
| @cerise1023/Twitter

Karina also opted for a color scheme that seemed to play on the “water theme.” She also wore light-colored shorts and teamed them with white trainers and a spaghetti-strap crop top. While it was simple, it worked with the occasion and meant she had more freedom to interact with fans.

Aespa’s Karina | @just_0411/Twitter
| @just_0411/Twitter

Winter‘s look was more simplistic. While she also wore denim jeans, they were much darker than the other members, and she kept it simple with a black top that shined with the intricate details and how the straps fell.

| @wintersrabbit/Twitter
| @ws0101_wt/Twitter

Giselle opted for something different and wore a racer dress with long sleeves. The intricate patterns worked perfectly and were subtle enough to allow Giselle’s visuals to shine but also give her the extra edge with the black chunky boots she paired the dress with.

| @flow001030/Twitter
| @flow001030/Twitter

Yet, while all the members looked gorgeous and showcased their sexy visuals during their amazing performance…

Some netizens weren’t happy with the cohesion of the outfits, especially when it came to Giselle. While the idol looked beautiful, many were angered that her look didn’t have the same impact as the others, as she wore a long-sleeved dress.

Netizens have always feared that Giselle gets the short end of the stick when it comes to outfits. Yet, as expected, netizens knew that the members all looked stunning and sexy while enjoying themselves with fans.