“They Would Fit Right In…” Netizens Say BOYNEXTDOOR Reminds Them Of Another Handsome Fourth-Generation Boy Group — React To Members’ Visuals

“They pass the vibe check.

Netizens reacted to HYBE‘s newest boy group BOYNEXTDOOR and its members.


On May 12, HYBE LABELSKOZ Entertainment released a teaser film for its latest boy group BOYNEXTDOOR.

In the clip, the incredible visuals of the group’s members were finally revealed, showing members…






…And Leehan.

Netizens reacted to the members’ handsome visuals. Many netizens also claimed that the idols reminded them of another handsome boy group.

  • “Oh, they are all good-looking.”
  • “They pass the vibe check. I thought their (concept) would be hard, but the vibe seems a lot softer than I thought!”
  • “Oh, they have reason to be confident…”
  • “They seem like idols from the 90s with their retro vibes, which I like. I hope their song is retro-inspired as well.”
  • “They are all handsome.”
  • “Their face reminds me of ENHYPEN, LOL. Because it is Zico’s group, I bet they are going to get big because their music is good… Jaehyun? He is handsome.”
  • “Seriously, they look like they would fit right in ENHYPEN, LOL.”
  • “Because it’s Zico’s group, I am already anticipating their music, LOL.”

What do you think of BOYNEXTDOOR? Check out the group’s trailer in the link below!

Source: theqoo
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