Netizens React To Dispatch’s Latest Damning Evidence Exposing Kim Hieora’s Bullying Past

Kim Hieora’s agency previously denied all allegations.

Netizens reacted to Dispatch‘s latest article in which they released Kim Hieora‘s handwritten letter.

Kim Hieora

On September 7, Dispatch published a follow-up article in response to Kim Hieora’s rebuttal of a previous exposé that sparked allegations of school bullying.

Kim Hieora’s Agency Firmly Denies All Accusations From Dispatch’s Report Of School Bullying And Violence

In the article, Dispatch released a handwritten letter that Kim Hieroa gave to a journalist working at Dispatch in person.

Dispatch Reveals New Evidence Further Igniting Kim Hieora’s Bullying Controversy In Response To Denial

In the letter, Kim Hieroa admits that she had a rebellious youth but denies that she had ever assaulted or bullied anyone personally.

I admit that I rebelled when I was an immature youth, and now I am very embarrassed and ashamed of that youth and even suspicious of her when my memory fails me.

But I swear on my conscience that the reason I went from theatre acting to challenging myself to broadcasting and dramas is because, in my heart, I believed I had never bullied or physically harmed someone.

— Kim Hieora

Still, the actor admitted to not standing up for those being bullied and stayed silent on issues related to bullying.

This made me look back at myself and self-examine why they thought I was the leader of the bullies and the things that I stayed silent on.

— Kim Hieora

Netizens reacted to the letter, with many criticizing the actress for being part of a bullying gang. Many also claimed that there was no such thing as a kind bully like she claims to have been.

  • “The bully never remembers.”
  • “There is no such thing as a nice bully, lol. Even if she wasn’t the leader who was personally taking money from students, she’s still one of the people who would spend that money while playing.”
  • “If she really was a nice bully, she would have stopped her friends from stealing money.”
  • “A nice bully is like a hot ice americano; it doesn’t exist.”
  • “Nice bully, LOL.”
  • “This is the problem. Bullies’ presence itself is intimidating. What do you mean by a nice bully? That’s nonsense.”
  • Nice bully, LOL. ㅗ.”

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Source: theqoo
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