Netizens React To New “Global” K-Pop Girl Group N-ID

They recently launched their TikTok.

A new “global” K-Pop girl group has arrived, and netizens have mixed reactions.

The group in question is called N-ID. They self-identify as a “global girl group,” and their catchphrase is “In your ID we N-ID.” In January, the group introduced each member one by one via TikTok.


Rika was the first member to be introduced. She posted a dance video to Sam Smith and Kim Petras‘ “Unholy.”


Dance video by first member Rika #newkpopgroup #kpop #korea #dance #trend #idol #kpopgroup #tiktok #group2023 #debut #nid

♬ оригінальний звук – N-ID

Margo was introduced next. She danced to Tommy Genesis‘ “peppermint.”


Dance video by second member debut group Margo!! • • #kpop #debut #debut2023 #dance #korea #idol #singer #newgroup

♬ оригінальний звук – N-ID

Kris was the third member. She danced to “Ysl” by Y2.


Dance video by Kris the third member❤️‍🔥 #dance #korea #debut #kpop #tiktok #newgroup #trend #kpopdebut

♬ YSL – Y2

Yuki shared a couple of dance covers, including one for NewJeans‘ “OMG.”


NewJeans coverdance from Yuki🤍 #엔아이디 #nid #newjeans #omg #girlgroup #dance #coverdance #foryou

♬ OMG – NewJeans

Lastly, there’s Val, who danced to “Doctor Pepper” by CL, RiFF RAPP, Diplo, and OG Maco. 


Dance video by Val #엔아이디 #NID #debut #dance #coverdance #drpepper #tiktok #korea #newgroup #foryou

♬ Doctor Pepper (feat. CL, RiFF RAFF & OG Maco) – Diplo & CL & RiFF RAFF

Recently, N-ID shared a couple of videos featuring the members altogether, introducing themselves. They launched their official TikTok account and asked for support.


N-ID TikTok OPEN!🔥 #nid #엔아이디 #TikTok #사랑해 #newgroup #girlgroup #1singlealbum #single #debut #foryou

♬ оригінальний звук – N-ID

The video below, featuring the girls speaking in both Korean and English, went viral with 964.2K views at the time of writing. Netizens reacted in the comment section…


N-ID TikTok OPEN!🔥 #nid #엔아이디 #TikTok #사랑해 #newgroup #girlgroup #debut

♬ оригінальний звук – N-ID

| @nid.official/TikTok

Most K-Pop fans compared N-ID to other groups KAACHI and BLACKSWAN.


KAACHI is a UK-based self-proclaimed “K-Pop group” that debuted in April 2020. They were accused of cultural appropriation and criticized over lack of training, among other things.


BLACKSWAN is actually based in South Korea but consists of members from around the world. Yet, it has been criticized lately over the members continually changing. Currently, Fatou is the only original member.

BLACKSWAN’s Fatou, Gabi, Sriya, and Leia | @blackswan___official/Instagram

Other K-Pop fans joked that N-ID reminded them of when they “pretend to be a K-Pop idol” in their room at night.


Some also said it’s gone too far and that K-Pop is not really K-Pop if the members are not Korean.


While N-ID’s TikTok makes one think the group are soon to debut as they frequently post covers and other content, their other social media accounts do not appear as active. Their Instagram, as seen below just includes some general concept art.

On the other hand, like TikTok, N-ID have posted a few videos to their YouTube channel with the first upload being from a year ago. It mainly consists of covers.

Interestingly, based on the YouTube description, the group created their channel as far back as 2017. They are also independent rather than part of an agency.

While YouTube has their location listed as United States, anytime N-ID use an original sound rather than a song for a video, TikTok lists it as “Original Sound” in Cyrillic script used for the Russian language. Likewise, individual members’ Instagram accounts are Russian.

|  @nid.official/TikTok

N-ID may or may not be an official group as they don’t appear to have a company, but are rather more of a K-Pop cover group, which is common everywhere.

Source: nid.official

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