BLACKSWAN Introduces A New Member — Get To Know NVee

She’s taken on an acting role before.

K-Pop girl group BLACKSWAN has undergone several changes to the group’s lineup in 2022. On May 26, Sriya and Gabi were officially added as group members after proving their skills through global auditions.

BLACKSWAN’s Fatou, Gabi, Sriya, and Leia | @blackswan___official/Instagram

Members Judy and Youngheun then graduated from the group on July 31.

Leia, Youngheun, Fatou, and Judy | @blackswan___official/Instagram

On November 9, DR Music announced that Leia would be taking a hiatus, temporarily staying in her home country Brazil to care for her mental health while with her family.

Most recently, DR Music introduced the latest addition to BLACKSWAN: NVee. NVee was introduced through the group’s Christmas vlog and featured on BLACKSWAN’s official Instagram account on December 25 in a Christmas-themed picture. NVee (Florence Alena Smith) was born on October 1, 1999, in the United States and lived in Utah.

NVee | @blackswan___official/Instagram

In her introductory video, NVee admits that she can’t believe she’s finally achieving her dream of debuting.

It still doesn’t feel real. I always have to ask my mom. I was like, ‘Am I actually here, and I’m training?’

— NVee

| @blackswan___official/Instagram

As for her goals, NVee shares that she’s always dreamed about “performing at big venues and doing tours.” But ultimately, her focus is on being “a role model to those who support [BLACKSWAN].”

As an idol, I want to be a role model to those who support us. My role models always were there for me in times that I needed, to help me be able to really prove I can do things in life. So I want to be able to give that back to those who support me as well.

— NVee

| @blackswan___official/Instagram

NVee introduces herself as a strong vocalist with classical training but also believes one of her greatest strengths is being “a really good listener.”

I feel like I’m a good vocalist, and I think that that’s a good thing to add. I can sing a lot of different genres like R&B, Pop, Soul. I can even sing classical too. I used to take classical training with one of my vocal coaches, and so that’s how I started. So just a small little talent that I can do but-

Some might not think that this is a big strength, but I think it is. But I feel like I’m a really good listener. And I can really be able to support people, whether it’s my members or my family or my supporters or fans. I think I’m a really good listener. That’s a great thing to add.

— NVee

In addition to her vocal training, NVee also starred as an actress in JayNJay Studios‘ film, Avatar: The Last of The Airbenders in the role of Liu.

| JayNJay Studios

Although not much more is known about NVee yet, the idol’s personality can be seen through why she chose her stage name.

A lot of people like to think of envy as a very negative thing; always being envious of what you don’t have. So instead of making it a negative thing, I switched it as my name to be envy as a positive thing. To make you really work hard for what you don’t have in life and what you want to achieve in life.

— NVee

BLACKSWAN fans can look forward to the addition of this incredibly talented vocalist.

Source: Blackswan Official and JayNJay Studios

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