DR Music Announces BLACKSWAN Leia’s Hiatus—Fatou And Youngheun React

BLACKSWAN will still prepare for a comeback regardless.

BLACKSWAN‘s Leia has been announced to be on hiatus, and fellow member Fatou and ex-member Youngheun reacted to the news.

BLACKSWAN’s Leia | DR Music
BLACKSWAN’s Fatou | DR Music 
Former BLACKSWAN member Youngheun |  DR Music 

DR Music released a statement that Leia has gone on hiatus and is currently in her home country Brazil to take care of her mental health with her family.

While DR Music expressed concern for her health, they said the group would continue without her. BLACKSWAN will begin preparations for a three-member comeback.

From left: Fatou, Gabi, Sriya, and Leia | @blackswan___official/Instagram

Indian member Sriya and Brazilian German member Gabi joined the group shortly before Korean members Judy and Youngheun graduated on July 31, 2022.

Black Swan (블랙스완) [Also known as B.S.] is a 4 member global Kpop girl group under DR Music (also known as DR Entertainment). The group currently consists of Leia, Fatou, Sriya and Gabi. Hyeme left the group on November 10, 2020, and Youngheun and Judy graduated on July 31, 2022. The group debuted on October 16, 2020 with their first full album ‘Goodbye Rania’ Sriya and Gabi were added to the group in May 26, 2022.

— KProfiles

From left: Leia, Youngheun, Fatou, and Judy | @blackswan___official/Instagram

Previously at the end of October, Leia responded to questions via Instagram Stories regarding the status of BLACKSWAN. She implied she didn’t know if BLACKSWAN would continue.

| @doremifasolari01/Instagram via @npomvtt/Twitter

Fan: Does the group still exist

Leia: Great question

@doremifasolari01/Instagram via @npomvtt/Twitter

Fan: I know you can’t talk, but are they trying to get you out of the group or boycott?

Leia: I believe boycott

Now, Fatou posted a cryptic tweet shortly after the news of Fatou’s hiatus. She said, “Imagine how tired I am.”

According to a fan repost, it also appears that Fatou had posted an upside-down emoji.

Some can’t help but wonder if Fatou found out the news at the same time as everyone else based on the posts.

Additionally, a friend of Fatou’s posted a statement via Instagram Stories, shading DR Music’s decision to keep Leia as a BLACKSWAN member.

Former member Youngheun posted a GIF of a man wiping sweat in relief reacting to the news, saying that she had made “the best decision of her life,” clearly referring to leaving DR Music. She has been liking posts regarding the mistreatment of the other members, especially Fatou.

Similarly, both she and Judy unfollowed Leia. Netizens have noticed that Fatou is usually interacted with by members on social media while Leia is not.

Last year, Fatou and Leia were swept up in bullying accusations against each other. Fatou called out her fellow BLACKSWAN member on her Twitter account for her allegedly “disrespectful and selfish” ways and referred to her as “a gigantic headache to everyone in the company.” She shared these several lengthy now-deleted posts after an anonymous netizen claiming to be Leia’s relative shared rumors about Fatou’s alleged bullying towards Leia.

Leia (left) and Fatou (right) | @blackswan___official/Instagram

Shortly after, DR Music released a statement, citing “language and culture” as the root of the problem.

Hello, we are DR Music Entertainment. This is an official statement about the recent issues within the team.

BLACKSWAN is currently promoting their first single album and has begun to receive a lot of support and attention from the fans through this promotion. We sincerely thank LUMINA for this. BLACKSWAN is a group that has just begun to attract attention as an idol and is a group of member of various nationalities, including language and culture. Therefore, it is a team where various opinions and cultures inevitably coexist, and respect and understanding are required more than other K-Pop teams.

Regarding the fact that the team’s internal issues were distorted as if they were true due to others and spread to fans, all the staff of DR Music Entertainment sincerely apologize to you. Sometimes when various people work together, various kinds of disagreements occur in the team. We call it constructive dispute. These constructive disputes between members to increase completeness should not be trapped in a provocative frame of bullying and promote discord within the team.

We have had a lot of conversations with the members over the past few days and both the company and the members admitted that the incident once again made them realize the importance of each other. We also promised to ourselves once again that we should do our best [until] this album activity is over.

— DR Music @blackswan_drent/Twitter

You can read Fatou’s entire statement about Leia below.

BLACKSWAN’s Fatou Denies Bullying Allegations While Calling Out Leia For Disrespecting Her Family

Source: KProfiles

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