India’s First K-Pop Idol Is Already Booked And Busy—Here’s What Life Is Like For BLACKSWAN’s Sriya

She’s an up-and-coming star.

BLACKSWAN‘s Sriya is the first Indian K-Pop idol. As expected of someone paving the way, a great deal of attention is on her. She expounded on her current jampacked schedule in an interview with The Korea Herald.


Unlike most new artists, Sriya spends a large portion of her days talking to various news sites. She has already been invited to share her thoughts and feelings on her K-Pop journey to local and international publications.

She also hones her idol-related skills considering her short trainee period of less than a year. Sriya and fellow new member Gabi are set to join BLACKSWAN’s upcoming comeback, leaving little time for them to rest.

Our schedules are very full. I’m having a lot of interviews, shoots, and also practice sessions.

— Sriya

Their practice sessions are not limited to vocal and dancing classes either. They build up their stamina with constant exercise, including doing workout sessions that are mixed with the more traditional type of K-Pop classes.

We practice all day long: workouts, singing by running, and then dance and then live vocal practice—a lot of things.

— Sriya

Sriya admitted that what she is going through right now is not easy. The hardest part is the lack of sleep afforded to the group due to their busy schedule.

Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes we don’t even get to sleep. [We only get] like two to three hours.

— Sriya

She assured fans, however, that the hardships she’s facing were no big deal because she could finally live out her dream.

We love to do this work, so it’s okay.

— Sriya

When she does get to rest, Sriya uses her free time to cook homemade Indian food.

On Sundays, we get some time off so I make chicken curry at home. Chicken curry and white sauce pasta.

— Sriya

Sriya was revealed to be a trainee of DR Music at the beginning of this year. After six months of training—three of which she was already an official member—she is now focusing on BLACKSWAN’s future.

We are preparing for our comeback. It will be very soon!

— Sriya

Check out the full video below to learn more about Sriya.

Source: YouTube