Netizens React To HYBE Labels’ New Boy Group, TWS

Here’s what they think.

Pledis Entertainment will soon be releasing a new boy group, their first since SEVENTEEN. The group name will be TWS, and they will have six members.

They are Shinyu





…and Hanjin.

Netizens are already choosing their favorites. A group selfie was recently released to tease the new debut.

From left to right, in the back row we have Shinyu, Kyungmin, Hanjin, and Jihoon. In the front are Dohoon and Youngjae.

Shinyu received the most attention based on his visuals. The rest of the visuals did not seem to impress netizens very much.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • One person stands out so much.
  • Shinyu is my style.
  • Their company street-casted Hwang Minhyun and Jeonghan, so I was anticipating it, but it’s disapointing. But it’s a given that rookies look a little tacky, so I hope they get good styling concepts and songs in the future.
  • The one in the center doesn’t seem to suit the group.
  • Why are their hairstyles like that… They killed all the volume and parted it down the middle…
  • The malicious comments are insane…
  • I think the photo is just edited weirdly. Just how much do they want to liquify their faces?
  • Why did they stick their hair down like that?
Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • If their name is TWOUS, will their fanclub name be sightseeing bus or plane or something like that? (TWOUS in Korean sounds like TOURS)
  • Seems like they’ll all be really talented.
  • They’ll look different when they’ve debuted LOL. It’s been so long since a Pledis boy group. I’m curious.
  • They’ll debut liek this, then get handsome a few months in and everyone will like them.
  • They’re worse than a small company… Even if you don’t compare them, they look a little…
  • I can’t understnad how people will praise them for being handsome and tall now, but will be commenting maliciously about their short heights, bad proportions or visuals later on their debut date… Idols get hate comments just for debuting.
  • Aigoo.
  • Fans saying its malicious comments if they don’t agree LOL.

Routinely, most idols find their perfect style and get more handsome or pretty some time into their career. Most of the time, debut is when they look their worst. Many netizens are agreeing that it is still too early to judge for TWS!

Source: theqoo and Pledis