Netizens React To the Unexpected Combination Of aespa’s Karina and BTS’s RM Together

Leaders just being leaders together.

Aespa’s Karina and BTS’s RM both attended W Magazine Korea’s blowout dinner event, Love Your W. They looked stunning on the red carpet. Karina wore a sparkly dress that made her look like a golden goddess.

RM looked like the perfect blend of casual and cool. He paired a denim jacket with a suit blazer.

The stars were seated according to a seating chart assigned by the venue. As such, Karina was separated from her members.

She was unexpectedly seated next to RM, causing the internet to go wild. They had polite conversation during the dinner.

They both enjoyed the performances of the night.

Netizens were highly supportive of the two’s interaction. They had nothing but praise for each member.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Namjoonie is excited LOL.
  • He said himself that he looks like a mole. Cute.
  • Our Dudu (mole).
  • A chestnut and a goddess LOL. Love to see it.
  • A hip-hop potato meeting Karina. Why is this so funny.
  • Our mole.
  • LOL, a hip-hop potato? So cute. Karina is f*cking pretty.
  • Cuties, cuties.
  • Karina is f*cking pretty.

Everyone loved seeing them together! RM is the leader of BTS, while aespa is led by Karina. We love seeing the two leaders interacting!

Source: Theqoo