Netizens Are Reacting To The Possibility Of GOT7’s Yugyeom Signing With AOMG

They’re shocked but they support his decision.

GOT7‘s Yugyeom has been making headlines after rumors started circulating about him leaving JYP Entertainment for AOMG. While nothing has been confirmed on either side, fans know that his exclusive contract with JYP is coming to an end later this month.

The 23 year old made his debut back in 2014 with the group’s mini album, Got It? He impressed the public with his crazy dancing abilities as well as his rap skills. It’s been 7 years since the group’s debut, however, but it’s been made clear that their activities aren’t as promoted as other JYP groups. Fans have noticed and expressed their frustration towards JYP Entertainment. Their newest album, which was released back on November 30 was filled with songs composed by the GOT7 members showcasing their incredible artistic abilities. Much to everyone’s surprise, however, it was not promoted by the label, which left fans confused and angry.

| JYP Entertainment

With this information, fans and netizens alike were not all that surprised when rumors started to circulate about GOT7 members possibly leaving JYP Entertainment once their contracts expired. Just a couple months ago, member Jinyoung was embroiled in rumors that he was leaving JYP for BH Entertainment. Due to the visibly unfair treatment of the boy group, many netizens showed their outpour of support towards Yugyeom and the news of him potentially signing with AOMG. Here is what they had to say.

| theqoo
  • “It fits him well. I’m excited”
  • “Congrats congrats I’m jealous. I wish my idols wouldn’t have resigned and gone somewhere else too”
  • “It seems like he’s sniping his label for some reason”
  • “Wherever you go, I’ll always support you Yugyeom-ah”
  • “He’s a talented guy but I can’t help but wonder if he’ll make it as a solo artist in the oversaturate market”
  • “There was a part in a GOT7 song that I really liked and when I asked my friends in KakaoTalk, they told me it was his part”
  • “Wow I’ll support you!”
  • “I hope they’ll all be successful”
  • “Omg Gyeom-ah”
  • “AOMG?? Daebak”
  • “For real? I’ll be more excited for your promotions”


While we are excited for Yugyeom and his potential new opportunities, we can’t help but wonder what this would mean for GOT7’s future. Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: theqoo and YouTube