Netizens Defend IVE’s Wonyoung Against Hate From Mom Forums

They are in full support of her.

IVE’s Wonyoung recently came under scrutiny for her response to a child who approached her in Madrid. The girls had been touring the city during their off-time from a local show. A young boy had approached Wonyoung all of a sudden, appearing to have touched her.

Wonyoung’s response to the boy elicited displeasure from mom forums in South Korea. They criticized her for not having a better response to the child, after the initial shock.

IVE’s Wonyoung Experiences Unfair Hate From Mom Forums Due To Incident In Madrid

In response to this, other Korean netizens have stood up for Wonyoung. One of the complaints that the moms had against Wonyoung was that it could’ve been easy for her to give the boy a smile after the initial shock wore off. Netizens defended Wonyoung, claiming that she probably didn’t have time to pause and register a new response. Wonyoung continued walking with her party despite her shock. On the other hand, netizens also claimed that it was not necessary for celebrities to be smiling all the time.

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  • Ugh, these ahjummas have lost their mind.
  • The kid could’ve done that as he was pleased to see her. That’s possible for a kid. But adults should not be thinking that way, and they have a duty to teach the kid, that they can’t just go up to a stranger and touch them easily. The adults have to teach kids that although they might feel familiar with the celebrities after seeing them on television, the celebrities don’t know you, so it could be rude. They shouldn’t be telling her to just give the kid a smile.
  • Of course women would get startled if someone came for the area near the chest.
  • Do celebrities have to smile for you? Do they owe you something? If you want to get a smile, pay money to go to a fansign. And a boy is coming for her chest area. I’m not saying that he meant to touch her, just that the location is so. Of course she would f*cking be surprised and hate it, how can you tell her to smile in the midst of all that?
  • Wow, she’s getting cursed at even for being shocked.
  • What a load of cr*p. If you don’t reprimand a child for touching other people’s bodies without permission, the chances of them growing up to be sexual offenders goes up. Stop cr*pping about be upset and educate your kids well. That kid might be a kid, but Jang Wonyoung is also someone’s child.

It is evident that many are on Wonyoung’s side in this case. Read more about the ridiculous accusations that stemmed from the incident below.

Netizens Defend IVE’s Jang Wonyoung After Her Reaction To A Child Touching Her Goes Viral


Source: Theqoo