Netizens Are ROFLing At LOONA Hyunjin’s Outfit Mishap On Stage

It conflicts with LOONA’s current concept.

LOONA recently performed their song, “Voice” on MBC‘s Show! Music Core, but keen-eyed netizens noticed an outfit mishap on Hyunjin that has everyone laughing at her adorable mistake.

As always, LOONA put on a spectacular performance with their flawless moves and synchronization.

But what caught the eye of many was the gadget on Hyunjin’s wrist.

She was wearing a smartwatch on stage.

Seeing how LOONA’s current concept is retro, netizens are predicting that she forgot to take it off before coming on stage.

Considering the members were wearing patterned blouses and flared pants, the smartwatch didn’t seem to match.

But it’s so cute that fans are loving her even more.

Some of the comments include “That’s adorable“, “I bet she freaked out after seeing the broadcast“, and “I always forget that I’m wearing one, too“.

Check out the full performance below:

Source: Insight