Netizens Share How Bad It Gets With Sasaengs Camping Out In Front Of NCT’s Dorms

The true difficulty of being an idol.

Just a few months back, NCT‘s Haechan and Taeyong shared just how tough it was for the members to have sasaengs loitering outside their dorms, hindering their down time. As a form of “revenge”, these sasaengs quickly put up some embarrassing photos of the member, in a tweet that has since been taken down.

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On a video that has recently gone viral, the comments are filled with netizens who are casual fans or listeners of the group, that have apparently experienced rough times due to the sasaengs. Most of these commenters claim to have lived in the same district or apartment even, as the members. As the apartments are rather huge, they live with their families and go into detail about the inconveniences experienced by their parents and siblings.

One netizen detailed that she was someone that lived in the same block as NCT 127, and her family eventually moved out due to how tough it was. As everyone in the know knows about how difficult it is to live in the same building as popular celebrities, she claims she has moved out since a few months ago but no new tenants wish to take over.

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Sasaengs have apparently not only caused noise disturbances by talking loudly or screaming at night, but they caused a minor accident with a school bus even. She also claimed that the managers from SM Entertainment have to constantly apologize to the neighbours on behalf of the group and often pass out gifts. She claims the sasaengs are as young as middle schoolers even. Not only was their family affected, but many others have moved out before their lease is up.

Another netizen claims that when neighbours give a cordial greeting to the members, sasaengs would stare at them like they wanted to kill them, and eventually they began to be wary of even saying hi as a neighbour. The sasaengs would scream loudly at night and flash laser beams into the members’ dorms. However, sometimes this would reflect onto other units and wake them up.

Another stepped up to say while she lived in a different building, she lived in the same neighbourhood. Even then, it was still tough on her as there were tens of people hovering around the road all the time. She eventually moved as it got rough.

In a reply, the first netizen mentioned also posted that a direct neighbour told her that there were five women who tried to unlock the door of the dorms and even succeeded in going in. She suspects that they had installed cameras outside to get the digital passcode.

While these are merely comments left by people who claim to have been victim of such sasaengs and heinous acts, do keep in mind that while it is difficult to verify claims from online, the problem of sasaengs are a very real issue that many idols face.


Source: Pann