Netizens Shocked At The Visuals And Talent Of BIBI’s Sister — A Member Of A New K-Pop Girl Group

Do you see the resemblance that goes beyond just talent?

K-Pop soloist BIBI has proved her influence in K-Pop as a soloist. Since making her official debut in 2019, the artist has impressed with her vocals, talent, charisma, and visuals.

K-Pop soloist BIBI | @nakedbibi/Instagram

Of course, BIBI’s visuals are undeniable, and wherever she goes, she is praised for her beauty and elegance.

| @nakedbibi/Instagram

Yet, even with her visuals, it’s BIBI’s talent that always gains attention because she manages to capture the attention of the crowds with her unique vocals and concepts.

| 88rising/YouTube
| BIBI__ONLY/YouTube   

Well, it seems like beauty and talent must run in the family after netizens realized that an idol from one of the newest K-Pop groups is actually BIBI’s sister.

Earlier in the year, it was announced that a new 24-member K-Pop girl group called TripleS would be debuting. Despite the link to the controversial NFTs, their concept seemed unique as the members will rotate between the group, sub-unit, and solo activities, as chosen by fans.

In August, the group announced that their seventh member would be Kim Nakyoung, who would be in the “Acid Angel from Asia” subunit.

Kim Nakyoung’s intro video | TripleS Official/YouTube 

From the minute it was announced, netizens couldn’t get over the 02′ liner’s visuals… and the fact that she was actually BIBI’s sister.

Although many knew about it a few months ago, a spotlight has no been shone after the group recently released their new track called Generation, and Kim Nakyoung truly shined. Even as the group started performing on music shows, her sleek and “girl crush” visuals were truly on show.


With her long dark hair and unreal presence, it isn’t surprising that she is the sister of BIBI. However, her talent speaks for itself and, as a former P NATION trainee, she is truly a star in the making!

| @triplescosmos/Twitter

When one netizen shared the news on social media, fans couldn’t get over the fact BIBI and Nakyoung were related.

Yet, it is undeniable as BIBI had shared images with her sister before…

And she even shared support for her sister’s new group on Instagram.

| @nakedbibi/Instagram

As expected, it shouldn’t be surprising that talent runs in families as there are so many iconic sibling pairings in K-Pop that prove it. Hopefully, BIBI and Nakyoung will be able to see each other or perform together in the future.

Source: @heiransquote/TikTok

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