Netizens Shocked At The Truth Behind How This Scene In aespa’s “Supernova” Was Filmed

“She can do everything.”

aespa recently released their music video for “Supernova.” The opening of the video shows Karina using super-strength to rip off a car’s side mirror to check her face.

The scene was portrayed dynamically with lots of moving, leading fans to initially believe that it had been filmed using a professional camera, with a cameraman behind it.

Many other music videos with similar “selfie” scenes are often filmed using professional cameras, with the idol having a hand near the front of the lens to give off the “selfie” effect.

A behind-the-scenes clip showed that Karina had taken the shot herself! In fact, a camera was not even used. The clips were taken using an iPhone’s back camera. Fans were shocked that the scene was taken by herself, calling it “a work of art.

Netizens were shocked at her impressive yet unexpected skills.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 12.40.27 AM
| theqoo
  • Crazy, the camera moving was so artistic that it left me in awe. Guess she’s born with it.
  • No, but she’s good at even filming.
  • The moving was great so I thought she probably collaborated with the director. Wow.
  • Karina is a goddess.
  • Wow…
  • Wow, she’s so charming.
  • I’m in awe at her sensibilities and her face.
  • The moving was really good. Can’t believe it was taken by herself.

Catch the full music video below!


Source: theqoo


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