Netizens Slam “Haters” For Making Malicious Edits Of Lee Hyori’s Face

They apparently manipulated a clip from a livestream.

It seems that Lee Hyori was recently targeted by some online “trolls” who posted false images of her with malicious intent.

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Lee Hyori | @guess/Instagram

The veteran singer, who is often called one of the original “IT girls” of Korea, is still active as a K-Pop singer. Apart from regular activities and promotions, she also frequently interacts with fans through livestreams on her Instagram.

| @lee_hyolee/Instagram

Recently, Lee Hyori held a surprise Instagram live from her house and spent nearly an hour talking to fans. The environment of the broadcast was pretty casual, with the singer dressed in some comfortable loungewear sporting a bare face.

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| Nate Pann
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| Nate Pann

Soon after the livestream, images and clips started popping up online where the singer’s face looked more aged and puffier. As many people were surprised to see her bare face in this condition, the images started making rounds in online communities.

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| Nate Pann
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| Nate Pann

But netizens quickly realized that those pictures were most probably manipulated by “haters” to downplay Lee Hyori’s visuals. When a netizen posted the original images along with the supposedly edited ones, many were left shocked and called out the ones behind this fiasco.

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| Nate Pann
  • “What kind of life do these people live to make such edits? LOL.”
  • “This is really crossing the line. F*cking evil.”
  • “It’s so scary how they could edit a video like that. It looked way too natural.”
  • “But it seems to have achieved the opposite effect, LOOOOL. After seeing the manipulated photos, the original ones look too pretty.”
  • “It would make more more sense if you compared the same cuts.”
Source: Nate Pann
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