Netizens Speculate Lee Jong Suk’s Acceptance Speech At The “2022 MBC Drama Awards” Is A Love Confession — Agency Responds

His agency responded.

Actor Lee Jong Suk swept up the award for Best Drama and Best Couple at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards along with YoonA for Big Mouth. During his acceptance speech, his cryptic words led fans to believe that he might be sending a secret message to a lover.

He initially went through the usual steps of a speech, thanking the people around him including his co-stars, director and staff. But his segway into a mysterious person he did not name had fans suspicious.

I was very plagued by fear, worries, and other problems after I finished my military service. Back then, there was someone who helped me move in a good direction and gave me positivity, as a human. I want to talk about this person using this chance. I’m always thankful that the person is amazing and I want to say that I’ve liked and respected this person for a long time. When I see this person, I always think that I should have lived better, that I should have been a better person. I also end up reflecting that I should have done better in the past. I will work harder to become a better person in the future. I think that I can use this huge award as a motivation for that for a long time moving forward. I’ll be a hardworking and good actor.

— Lee Jong Suk

In response to the speculations, his agency released a statement on December 31, 2022. They claimed that he only omitted the person’s name out of respect for their privacy.

He only did not name the person out of consideration for their personal information and was only expressing his gratitude.

— High Zium Studio

Lee Jong Suk has not made any further personal comment.

Source: Herald
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