Netizens Struggle To Tell Two aespa Members Apart In New Viral Photo

Who did you see first?

aespa has once again taken over the internet, and this time, they have netizens doing a double-take.

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aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

Ever since their debut, the four members of aespa have been widely talked about for their different visual appeals. However, some netizens now believe that the members have started to resemble one another too much.

During a recent fansign event, some fan-taken pictures of NingNing surfaced online where the idol was sporting a headpiece and a pair of glasses, making her visual features pop.

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The pictures went viral, not only because of her beauty, but also because it fooled many netizens into thinking that it was Karina in the photo. Some also felt that the person in the picture looked like Winter.

Karina | @katarinabluu/Instagram
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Karina | @imwinter/Instagram

Here are some of the top comments on a community post that went viral after reposting these images of NingNing.

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  • “I also thought it was Karina for a moment.”
  • “That’s NingNing? I thought it was Karina.”
  • “I guessed it was Karina and thought she had Winter vibes here. But turns out I was all wrong. It’s NingNing.”
  • “What? I was thinking, ‘Karina looks like NingNing here.’”
    — “Me too.”
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  • “I see all of NingNing, Winter, and Karina.”
  • “That’s NingNing?? I always knew NingNing was f*cking pretty, but did they turn her into a whole different person with editing?”
    — “It’s not editing, LOL. There are preview videos and all.”
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  • “The first one looks like Karina, but the second one in the middle and the third one look like NingNing, LOL. It’s fascinating.”
  • “Usually, they keep things like this in mind when forming groups.”
  • “LOL, I thought, ‘why are they calling her NingNing when it’s Karina?’
  • “SM Entertainment usually makes groups with visual chemistry in mind. I think SM Entertainment groups have the best harmony among visuals and vocal textures.”
Source: Instiz


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