Netizens Stunned By Seoul University Graduate Who’s A Doctor, Lawyer, And Now A Police Officer

“Triple threat” just got a new meaning.

Kids are often told that they could be anything when they grow up as long as they work hard for it. But for most, it becomes just a hollow promise as time passes and reality hits. But for one newly-recruited police inspector in South Korea, the saying seems to have turned out to be a prophecy!

On March 16, the Asan Police Force held an appointment ceremony for 180 new inspectors, which included graduates from the National Police University. 89 of them were police academy graduates, while 50 were selected through open recruitment. The rest 41 recruits came from other related career fields, including lawyers.


Among those 180 candidates, Lee Byung Chul has become a hot topic among Korean netizens thanks to his unreal career record. Lee graduated from Seoul National University, one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, and obtained a lawyer’s license in 2013. Though this would be considered an amazing feat by most, Lee had no intentions of stopping there.

Lee Byung Chul |

He enrolled in medical school in 2016 and successfully obtained a doctor’s license. Following this, he ran a pain-treatment clinic for two years.

But after joining the military, Lee found his new calling. As a law school graduate, he replaced his military service as a public service attorney and took on many criminal cases. After this experience, Lee said he thought he should work at the investigative stage of crimes instead of the trial stage. So, when he heard that police investigations also require medical experts, he decided to give it a go.


Lee dedicated six months to preparing for the written test and the physical fitness exam to become a police officer and added a third feather to his crown!

Netizens are awestruck by Lee’s dedication and extraordinary intellect to achieve this incredible feat.

  • “So he can arrive at a crime scene, administer treatment, arrest the criminal, and act as their lawyer all at the same time. What a talent~”
  • “He only took six months to prepare for the police physical exam…”
  • “That’s amazing. What’s left for him? Become a judge?”
  • “He’s treating life like a quest at this point.”
  • “The real-life ‘Catch Me If You Can’?”
  • “Looks like my time for self-reflection has come…”

Congrats to Lee for becoming every Asian parent’s dream and every Asian cousin’s worst fear.

Source: Insight