Netizens Think (G)I-DLE Referenced Soojin During Their “37th Golden Disc Awards” Performance

Two different verses might have been about her.

The departure of Soojin from the idol girl group (G)I-DLE broke the hearts of fans worldwide. Although the remaining members have been able to have continued success since the incident, many Neverlands, (G)I-DLE’s official fandom, have hoped that she could make a comeback to the group or as a solo artist.

The original six members of (G)I-DLE | ELLE

Some fans have looked for hints about her return in the merchandise of (G)I-DLE, but none of the supposed clues have led to any official statements from Cube Entertainment, the group’s company.

Others think that (G)I-DLE had found ways to reference Soojin in their music, like when a character in the music video for their single “Nxde” resembled their former teammate.

Most recently, netizens guessed that Soojin was the basis for an introductory verse in (G)I-DLE’s performance at the 37th Golden Disc Awards. The lyrics said, “Once upon a time, there was a woman. She hurt me and bullied me, but people really liked her, and that woman was laughing.” Fans believe this directly references Soojin’s bullying case, which caused her departure.

A later line continued, “I won’t let this story go foolishly like that. Wait and see this fun ending. The gloomy final chapter by the villain’s laughter. Never die.

Some netizens were convinced that (G)I-DLE was actively talking about Soojin and possibly hinting at her return.

No official statements from (G)I-DLE or Cube Entertainment have been made regarding this issue.

For context, bullying allegations against Soojin forced her to leave the group despite consistently denying the claims. It was later revealed that she was ruled innocent, which made many Neverlands desire her return.


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