Netizens Think NMIXX’s Haewon Subtly Sent A Signal For Jinni

Was it intentional or a coincidence?

The news of Jinni leaving the JYP Entertainment girl group NMIXX shocked the world and broke the hearts of fans everywhere. It was completely unexpected, and many assumed that the people who would be most affected by the news would be Jinni’s former teammates.

Jinni | @nmixx_official/Instagram

It is standard in the K-Pop industry that the remaining members of the group do not acknowledge the removal of a member even years after the event. Still, some fans try to catch any subtle hints idols might give to acknowledge their past members.

NMIXX at the 2022 MAMA Awards | @MnetMAMA/Twitter

NMIXX’s leader, Haewon, posted a series of selfies on the group’s Twitter account a couple of days after Jinni’s departure was announced, and some NSWERs, NMIXX’s official fandom, think that there was a hidden signal among them.

Specifically, netizens noticed that in a couple of photos, Haewon chose to do the “TT” pose, made famous by TWICE, which also looks like she’s forming the number “7” with her hand, perhaps indicating that NMIXX will always be made of 7 original members, including Jinni. The pose also makes Haewon look like she’s crying, which some NSWERs interpret as expressing her sadness.

Although there’s no telling when the photos were taken, some fans were convinced that Haewon’s choice was intentional.

There have been no further statements or explanations for Jinni’s departure from NMIXX as of the writing of this article.


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