Netizens Debate Validity Of Crush’s Alleged Racism At Concert

Additional videos have been posted by others in attendance.

Solo artist Crush has been in hot water this week due to accusations of racism.


A video went viral when a fan shared their experiences at a Crush concert. According to one of the two fans featured in the video (@tulipyeo on Twitter), the singer intentionally avoided touching their hands while high-fiving others because they were dark-skinned. In the brief clip, Crush can be seen touching many fans’ hands in the front row before briefly pausing, backing away, and moving on.

The OP (original poster) of the video recounted the experience on Twitter, explaining how it appeared that Crush skipped over the friend group. The roommate in question’s account has since been removed, though.

yeah… i’m the roommate. for this to happen to us first hand really broke my heart. i’ve never experienced blatant discrimination like this in my entire life. especially since he was my favorite artist, it hurts so bad

— sabrina (@brinaxv)

| Twitter

Crush was met with heavy criticism since the video went viral. So, he issued an apology that many found problematic. He denied racism and claimed that he was worried for fans’ safety.

@tulipyeo refuted Crush’s claims. Additionally, they shared more “evidence” to support their own claims.

Yet, many netizens are still not convinced that the whole story is being told.

A video is going viral on Twitter and TikTok that includes clearer audio where Crush is heard advising fans to be careful as they may hurt themselves, which certainly aligns with his statement.


there’s nothing we can do as the damage has already been done (do not bring the masked singer issue because those two things are unrelated, it’s about the festival. thank you) #crush #rushhour #kpop #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS) – Crush


Replying to @Bom Bee from the video they posted you still can hear him say “다쳐요, 조심해” if you listen closely despite their audio being terrible #crush #kpop #rushhour fyp’#foryou #foryoupage

♬ Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS) – Crush

Netizens pointed out how the video posted by the OP had been partially muted, causing suspicions.

Some also claimed to have seen another video circulating that showed him turning down a gift. Yet, the OP denied this.

Another person who attended the same event said that Crush did the same hand motion several times throughout the event, expressing concern for fans’ safety. To support their claim, they attached their own video.

Additionally, more netizens who said to have attended the same concert revealed that they, too, were “ignored” by Crush even though they were Korean.

Crush is not the only artist that @tulipyeo has claimed to have discriminated against them, though. They have posted a series of tweets claiming alleged discrimination by their favorite Korean artists. This includes Loco, Heize, and even ATEEZ, who are known to be non-problematic.

Some have even pointed out what appears to be inconsistencies in their tweets. For example, @tulipyeo bragged about Yunho waving at them but later claimed he didn’t.

Netizens are also confused why many are getting blocked by @tulipyeo for no apparent reason.

Even those who believe Crush intentionally avoided @tulipyeo and their friends believe that the user should seek professional help due to obsession with celebrities.

@tulipyeo’s has since deactivated their Twitter account.

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